Is there a God? If so, what is She like?

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rootseeker wrote: Mon Jul 31, 2023 8:46 pm In understanding the perspective of another person, one temporarily ignores one's own perspective to some extent. That is another way of putting what the Swami in the OP is referring to.

If God is both omniscient (all-knowing) and omnipotent (all-powerful) then God has maximum information and maximum abilities. It could be paradoxical under that idea to use the power of ignorance to reduce information by reasoning that if information is no longer available then it is not known any longer. However, if the information disappears to nothing in a way that can be recovered upon using a power of information restoration, then it would not be paradoxical. Or, if the past is an illusion, then removal of information could cause the information to have never existed in the past by a process of changing the past such that the information was never created. So, the issue may not be resolvable from human reasoning.

The ability of empathy might necessitate an ability to focus on another person's perspective. Shifting from the perspective of self to the perspective of other could be considered ignorance without being fully ignorant. If God is in a higher plane of existence then it could be impossible to actually understand from this plane of existence. The concept of a perspective could be fundamentally different on a higher plane of existence, or put more scientifically, perspective in a root universe could be different than perspective in a branch universe.

The way in which experience is a personal individual experience contrasts with the concept of a collective having an experience of multiple people simultaneously. In game terms, suppose one person attempts to play two MMORPG (massive multi-player role-playing games) games at once. They have a spit perspective, and their experience in both games is different than if they are playing both games at different times.
The perspective is that of One and that of Many.

Essentially the argument is that we are all "God" having an experience of a Universe and our forms also inhibit what we can perceive of the Universe.

This is what creates "personalities" and re that, how God uses this system to "grow" said personalities - game-players who are allocated "roles" and all this from (and occurring within) the One Mind.

There are also "Levels" and the death of a players avatar means that the player is no longer subject to the ignorance forced on the player through the human experience...so the player-personality continues being involved in the God-Game "on a different level", in a form which may inhibit in another manner (keeping the player ignorant) in order for the player to (be able to) experience that next level.

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Me: Ah yes - not to forget that there are many avatars within the universe in which God-Mind(s) can develop personalities and experiencing being a planet like Earth (or the Sun or Saturn or the Galaxy or even the whole Universe) offers different perspectives of the whole Game Board.

Behind The Scenes Co-Ordinator: I remind you Re: "The mind as evidence of god" when you wrote;

"I am not concerned with the so-called "supernatural" as it is a convenient label used to describe the Gap of Ignorance and tends to imply that the unknown is therefore - somehow - unnatural...
I myself think that if there is an overall Cosmic Mind, referring to such as "supernatural" only muddies the waters perhaps conveniently so for those who use the word to describe such things."

The perspective is that of One and that of Many.

Me: True that.
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Hi folks. I'm moving this to the Philosophy of Religion section of the forum.
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