Ye, all mine sacred gods and angels

So what's really going on?

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Ye, all mine sacred gods and angels

Post by Luxin » Sat Nov 10, 2018 9:47 am

November 10, 2018

** This piece may be offensive to gods pretending to be:

1) patriots;
2) those who don't approve of Mike Myer's characters being treated humorously;
3) those with no sense of humor;
4) those pretending to be philosophers pretending that philosophy has to be 'their way or no way';
5) those who don't like the term 'god' being applied to themselves;
6) those with no tolerance for transcendentality or abstrusity;
7) those science fiction fans who treasure the notion of our living somewhere out there in space;
#) other as yet unidentified types.


Ye gods!
Know ye not that ye are gods?
I tell ye now that ye are gods, mine gods.

Do ye say, 'We are not gods' ?
Say not so, treasured beings, it is not true.
I understand ye may not feel like gods,
But that feeling might pass.
Perhaps then ye will be able to tell the truth,
And see yourselves as I see ye.

Your 'not-godness' is an illusion
Typically caused by the body.
Body! you unconscious trickster!
Enough of your 'jesting' ways!
Making my treasures think they were not gods!
Can you not behave, glorious Body?
Austin Powers might tell you to behave,
And so might I do.

If you're 'snoozing', precious gods,
And dreaming of your imagined 'not-godness',
I understand.
I also avoided thought of my godness many years.
I went in and out of godness and 'not-godness'.
It became clear I could not achieve 'not-godness'.
I tried to coast through Life, years and years.
It never worked.
Because of my godness,
I was troubled by my imagined 'not-godness'.
First a young god flirting with death,
then two wives ... and 55 years went poof!
And I was a tragic god.
Enough about this god, he's fine now.


The Mother doesn't like to hear her children say,
'Mother, you are not my mother',
And the Father is disdainful of his children who tell him,
'Father, you are not my father'.

Goldmember said, 'Fahzha, you are not my Fahzha',
and his fahzha told him in English, in a big bass voice,
'And that is not your member', and Goldmember said,
'At least it hasn't been banned like you, fahzha!'

I may joke and play-act, but I never lie.
It's not my problem if my words are resented.
There may be a fear that I'm right.
Because I am the Truth,
Just as you are the Truth.
Many say, 'What is Truth?',
Not yet knowing it is within them.
Truth is your Self, treasured gods.

Fear not, my precious gods,
For I am not a liar or false prophet
Who both teaches Truth and abuses all
As a wolf in sheep's clothing.
I am incapable of walking on the way of death.


'Thank God I'm an American', I say, but I'm not.
A god pretending to be patriotic
Makes a nice performance, great in a movie,
But doesn't impress a Dharma Bum.
Gods pretending not to be themselves are amusing.

When people see themselves as just gods,
And without a country,
That may be a time of peace and unity,
And it's a nice dream.
'Boundaries' and 'imagined places called countries'
are not good.
Without question, John Lennon was 'Right on, man!'
Countries should just be destination names
like street addresses.

Is the Universe divided?
No, but it would be if we went far enough out.
But living out there is just a fantasy, science fiction.

A 'good' country with room accepts plenty of immigrants.
An 'inferior' country with room does not.
'This is mine! ... that is yours!'. Snooooorrrrrre. Sknnnx.
That's fine for a house but not fine for a huge area.


As above, so below. (Hermes Trismegistus).
As is God, so is man.
As is Love, so is love.
As is The Eternal, so is the temporal.


THE WRITER: (is discussed in the third person)

~ is a sharer who shares through the written Word accompanied by Love. Sharer roughly equates with 'teacher', a misnomer he rejects as meaningless.

~ is a secular adherent of the Wisdom of Christ, Lao Tzu, Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, Confucius, Spinoza, The Dhammapada, and the Chandogya Upanishad, and an inclusive eclectic pantheistic metempsychosic lapsarian Number philosopher ('Philo Sophia') that chooses mental freedom as distinct from the mental slavery of the professed philosophers.

~ mourns the death of the philosophy that thrived 2500 years ago and which included gnosis, metempsychosic revelation, physiognomy and qualitative number.

~ does not read others' writing in depth ... writes original metaphysics based on esoterica and the occult.

~ obtained Qualitative Number from false prophets at 19; a scandal emerged 40 years later evincing the bad karma of false prophecy from their incomplete teaching; as he was always more an observer than a member, the ruinous bad karma didn't affect him so much.

~ after realizing a dangerous knowledge years ago, (which along with Number forms true prophecy), noticed it 'hidden in plain sight' in the teachings of Hinduism (and other religions, but most apparent in Hinduism), and enjoys the challenge of sharing whatever Truth he deems to be discreetly shareable online, and concealing the rest.

~ was compelled by experiences with the dead to become an authority on evil and the spiritually dead, who are blameless victims of bad karma compelled to do evil.

~ since his teens has been guided by a soul that knew he had to be prevented from a fate worse than death; writes solely out of Love and Compassion, avoiding the sin of mercenariness.

~ has had 3 wives; did office work for 30 years; was a white hat hacker; was a blues guitarist-singer-bandleader; now sings operatic arias; vegetarian; no substances ever; former porn fan for 50 years (saw a black abyss waiting); exercise and breathing nut; frequently uses himself to illustrate a point, aware that the false prophets reveal little of themselves for fear of losing business. Confucius said, 'The proud man is not dignified, and the dignified man is not proud'.

~ is a comedian. Out of compassion for the humorless who need to be left in peace, he tries not to use humor. He'll try to conduct myself accordingly, but he can't promise anything. The humorous and the dead serious are a disaster together, but he has learned from the example of Pythagoras - who was definitely a comedian -- to limit humor in a studious environment because of its disruptive disharmony with solemn reflection upon the deadly serious topics of Life and philosophy, which are basically one subject.

~ has a concept of Truth and Love which equates with the Taiji, Truth representing Yang or the masculine 1 quality's inspiring vibrational power, and Love being feminine Yin's 2 quality, a unifying, restful but lifting force that with the Truth creates Life or beings symbolized by: the 3 quality, the third realm, or the Taiji in this concept; the child; or Wisdom (3 or Spiritual Life as a merging of 1 = positive Spirit and 2 = negative mind).


This is my 'thought song'. I'm singing it out of Self-Love for my self and my Self, not for your self and Self; however, if you like it, then it is for your two selves. When you're done listening, then it may be time for your 'thought song'. Let's hear your song. Nobody should judge a song; a song is for listening to and reflecting upon. A song is for the singer unless we like it, then 'it's ours' too. Self-Love is not selfish -- it's the love of God in one's Self.

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