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Political Rhetoric

Post by RWStanding » Wed Oct 03, 2018 1:06 pm

Political Rhetoric
Nothing is more tedious than political rhetoric.
Its focus today is largely on the subject of trade, with free-trade vaunted.
But it is patently obvious that nothing is free if it is regulated, unless the regulation simply says ‘hands off’.
The tripartite significance is plain enough, at the extreme or final analysis.
There is trade and goods that are regulated for social needs.
There is trade under full central control by president or prelate as the case may be.
There is trade under no control other than that of autonomous individuals.
It may be noted that vast corporations have little in common with the corner shop – they effectively take over as a corporate state, there are many exotic terms for forms of government.
A nation or world with no agreed form of trade is in the worst possible position of virtual or actual chaos.
But in any case, when a population or nation has all that a stable natural world can allow it, then almost anything other than increasing wealth is more important. At that point we in our world may find all cultural and other diversity has been squandered in the name of globalisation.

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