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Common Good, Good Citizen, Good Neighbor, Civic Mindedness, Common Community/etc......

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Howdy folks,

I've had a home Wi-Fi network set up now for 7 years, fully open, no password, no encription - range is the usual 60 feet.

my neighbor accross the street used to us it - caught her "icon" via my "who's on the network" in windows 7 a few times a few years ago (no, I did not give her permission nor did i say to her "hey i've got this network that you can log into........." we did speak a couple of times prior to me "catching her using my network to go on the net" when i introduced myself and gave her some of my produce (i grow vegitables in my yard - more than i can eat myself).

a few years earlier when i lacked wifi, and only had a hardwired DSL servlice i used to leach on another neighbor's wifi to listen to "radio" (via my wifi Grace brand tabletop radio - which lacked ethernet support - so could only use it via this other neighbor's Open wifi.............that worked for about 4 months, then her son showed up and "closed" that link and my "Radio" sat useless until i bought my own wifi which time i thought to myself "wow it was really nice to be able to use that neighbor's link to the net to use this radio i love, i'll return the favor (not as an ignorance of having an open wifi as that other neighbor, but as a willing act of charity for others who may be like myself need of a wifi but lacking their own means - finacially or whatever..................just to be nice. i.e. be a good citizen, civic duty.

just last week i carted out another wifi radio (an Ocean Digital - i have two "internet radios") and did an "wifi search" in my residental neighborhood - i counted the networks, there were 35!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of those ONLY 2 others other then mine were "open" and one as a commercial one - laundrymat a block away...........both of them were too weak to support "internet audio radio support" sadly.

seeing 33 of 35 networks all "locked up tighter than a virgin" gave me two images:

1. wow, so little concept of "the common good/citizenship/charity"
2. ATT/Cox sure must be happy to over$$$$ell such capacity (no doubt all the 35 wifi networks work at 1/5 actual support capacity)

a little more charity in my neighborhood would still serve full capacity and give ATT/Cox 20 percent of the revenue they now get and have been getting for 10 yrs or so.


WRT to ISPs - ATT started out ok for me - 20 buck DSL........for a few years, then they started to jack the price up to force me to sign up to Uverse (with their TV crap - cut cable in 99, no interest in that brain dead reality tv garbage - 200 channels of crap - no thanks)............when my bill for DSL became obscene (80 bucks!!!!) i went to Cox - 4 times the speed for 50 bucks for a year - now the year of course is up and the 95 bucks a month for middle of the road (lower middle) osdt promo is what i know it would be.

its ok for now..............but not happy enough for infinity.

i have a plan.

buy 50 buck external antenna

buy 60 buck wifi Access point hardware

learn about firmware and dd-wrt.

and get "free wifi".........................

not a moocher, just think the usual international rate of 20-25 bucks for net access is proper instead of the jacked up by 5 times we are forced to pay due to monopolies.


i'll need to teach myself how to save money this way, and so will take me a year, but intend to do so.


may start another thread on "free wifi" here it there is any interest.

peace, and thanks to all here for reading and replying in advance.
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