Sex and gender

Anything to do with gender and the status of women and men.

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Re: Sex and gender

Post by Harbal »

Walker wrote: Tue Apr 23, 2024 10:30 am
Lorikeet wrote: Tue Apr 23, 2024 10:18 am Yes...genes to memes.
Mind/Body dissonance is caused when the latter contradicts the former.

The cause seems to be, attempting to match form to a subjective, conceptual abstraction of what that form should be. Much like AI, the former contradicting the latter.
I see you are still experimenting with words, Walker. 🙂
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Re: Sex and gender

Post by Walker »

Harbal wrote: Tue Apr 23, 2024 11:25 am
I see you are still experimenting with words, Walker. 🙂

Yes … words in their variety of combinations of style often activate, familiarities.
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Re: Sex and gender

Post by Lorikeet »

The nihilistic movement from genes to memes, form corporeal tangible reality to pure intangible abstract theory, is a movement of detachment - salvation, according to Abrahamic metaphysics.
The saviour is sacrificed to be reborn as pure incorporeal ideal. As an abstraction with no external referents.....only words/symbols.
This is clear in postmodernisms neo-Marxist agenda.
Gender detached from biological sex - another idea to be bought and sold on the ideological markets of Americanism.
A fashion..... a garment one can put on and take off.

Americanisms pretends to be for diversity, but it is against actual biodiversity, when it pertains to one species.
It is for superficial diversity - diversity of the marketplace.
Fashion diversity.

It will tolerate no other worldview..... Messianic to the bone.
If not its model then Armagedón.

Is not the Gnostic Demiurge transexual?
Armstrong, Karen wrote:The Gnostics all began with an utterly incomprehensible reality which they called the Godhead, since it was the source of the lesser being that we call ‘God.’ There was nothing at all that we could say about it, since it entirely eludes the grasp of our limited minds. As Valentinus explained, the Godhead was ‘perfect and pre-existent... dwelling in invisible and unnamable heights: this is the pre-beginning and forefather and depth. It is uncontainable and invisible, eternal and un-generated, is Quiet and deep Solitude for infinite aeons. With It was thought, which is also called Grace and Silence.’
Men have always speculated about this Absolute but none of their explanations have been adequate. It is impossible to describe the Godhead, which is neither ‘good’ nor ‘evil’ and cannot even be said to ‘exist.’ Basilides taught that in the beginning, there had been not God but only the Godhead, which, strictly speaking, was Nothing because it did not exist in any sense that we can understand.
[A History of God]
Armstrong, Karen wrote:The Gnostics showed that many of the new converts to Christianity were not satisfied with the traditional idea of God which they had inherited from Judaism.
[A History of God]
Voegelin, Eric wrote:Gnostic politics is self-defeating in so far as its disregard for the structure of reality leads to continuous warfare.
[Science, Politics and Gnosticism]

Do we now understand why Kabbalistic Zionists and Puritans Gnostics have adopted Trotsky’s perpetual revolution as a state of perpetual war?
Voegelin, Eric wrote:This system of chain wars can end only in two ways: either it will result in horrible physical destructions and concomitant revolutionary changes of social order beyond reasonable guesses; or, with the natural change of generations, it will lead to the abandoning of Gnostic dreaming before the worst has happened.
[Science, Politics and Gnosticism]
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Re: Sex and gender

Post by Lorikeet »

Genes to Memes

Genes = DNA - inherited memories guiding behaviours, interactivities.
Memes = Semiotics = cultural/social memories guiding behaviours.

Memes are extensions of genes - or Cultures are gene specific but can spread within other populations if they are advantageous - with each reproduction mutations arise.
Cultures evolve like Species.
Every culture like every species has defining traits, competing with other cultures.

Civilization is the expression of a culture within a specific place and time.
Cultures are to species what civilizations are to individuals.

Cultures can be predatory, herd like, scavengers, or parasitical.... each one developing its own niche survival and reproductive strategies.
There can be as many cultural types as there are species.... all governed by the same natural selection processes.
Politics express these strategies.
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