Slow Connection or Slow Server?

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Re: Slow Connection or Slow Server?

Post by attofishpi »

iambiguous wrote: Thu May 09, 2024 12:18 am
attofishpi wrote: Wed May 08, 2024 11:45 pm
iambiguous wrote: Wed May 08, 2024 11:01 pm

As a polemicist, I take satisfaction in being able to reduce those like fish down to ebullitions of this sort.

I suspect, however, it's a "condition". And thus "beyond his control".

You know, in a free will world. :wink:
As a cuntycist it comes naturally to you, cunts bring out the worst in me.
And some still wonder why I can't help but shift into entertainment mode with the fish folk here.

On the other hand, I find myself doing it less and less. Why? Because back in the day of philosophy forums like Friends of Brainstorm, the Yahoo philosophy groups, Ephilosophy, the Ponderer's Guild, cafe DC philo etc., I was able to bump into fellow polemicists who truly did challenge and educate me. Absolutely extraordinary exchanges.

Where are they now? The last I recall coming upon was phoneutria over at ILP. She was not only smart as a whip, but was particularly adept at repartee. Talk about wit!

From her to the fish folks?
At least in determinism it's not your fault you have the equivalent intellectual capacity of a koala, even that you are indeed a kunt - just blame the big bang.

PS. It's strange that I find koalas agreeable most of the time, you've clearly gone off the rails.
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Re: Slow Connection or Slow Server?

Post by Walker »

iambiguous wrote: Wed May 08, 2024 7:33 pm
I'll probably never really understand how on Earth a philosophy forum derived from a reputable, respectable philosophy magazine can devolve into posts like this. And, perhaps, why they are tolerated?

Now, over at ILP, they have this thing called "the rant room". It's a place where declamatory "huffing and puffing" is permitted.

But who would expect to find "outbursts" like this on all of the other boards too?
It's obviously a philosophy of democratic self-governance.
He self-governed himself with an edit, after creating the mess.
Good job, good intent, albeit after the horse is out of the barn.

Another method of self-governanace is to purposely mirror inarticulate absurdity back at the "angry one," then end it in oneself, which is an act of taking on the karma of another.
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