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Abortion, euthanasia, genetic engineering, Just War theory and other such hot topics.

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Re: Bigotry and Genocide

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The OP is insanity, not unlike the global problem.
For the sake of clarity in the similarly potentially abusive matter of child molestation and pedophilia (both of which are different matters regarding the fact of which most of us are painfully ignorant, as pedophilia is a compelled sexual preference and child molestation is not) -- If both racists and sex abusers can keep their murderous or sexual tendencies within the realm of fantasy, and never allow such to manifest in a "hands on reality" of murder or sexual abuse respectively, both racists and sexual abusers can be of "the harmless variety".
The idol of Islam Muhammad establishes the global precedent for pedophilia.
It is also the source of Nazism/Fascism.
It militarily suppresses ridicule of its own ideology:
"Islamophobia" is thus a Western adaptation of global Islamic Sharia "law"
derived from a man-made book evolved from Christian Strophic hymnal apocrypha.

The principle pathology that defines Islam / Left is:

the accuser is the accused

wherein fascists pathologically scapegoat/blame others for their own 'state'. This pathology is a product of Islam: Muslims religiously believe their own suffering is a product of non-Muslims (ie. "unbelievers"), rather than the ideology of Islam itself for being based on invariably false premises.

The entire attempt to slander/assassinate Trump/right is motivated and orchestrated by the House of Islam. They religiously whine and squeal (not unlike swine) as they are called to try their own ignorance: hence their incessant need to call upon "bigot!" "racist!" "Islamophobe!" "supremacist!" despite all of these being fixed characteristics of the House of Islam. The accuser is the accused always holds true with fascist swine: as Islam is the swinery, the brotherhood the sausages of that swinery and each and every "believing" Muslim a victim of that swinery.

EXODUS 20:16
“You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor."

All over a single false testimony - the shahada.
~1.6 billion "believers" unknowing. Imagine the magnitude.
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Re: Titleless 19

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Dear D,

Responding 5 years later! Forgive me.

I'm a "white" Canadian expat, living in the Philippines since 2008. Born in Scotland, immigrant to Canada at one year old. I talked too much before. I hardly say anything now. I have changed a LOT.

Regards ... Luxin
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