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Re: Philosophy Now magazine Suggestions Box

Post by RickLewis »

puto wrote: Wed Mar 02, 2022 1:03 pm When was the publication date, please? Thank-you for the article and magazine.
Work Cited
Cruz, Joe, B-Gray, Tim, Lewis, Rick. “Knowledge and Reasons,” Philosophy Now, Issue Four,
Anja Publications Ltd, Page 14, Digital. 3/2/2022 CE.
Hi puto. I'm Rick Lewis. How can I help?

This article here: ... nd_Reasons
by Joe Cruz, was published in Philosophy Now Issue 96, May/June 2013.
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Re: Philosophy Now magazine Suggestions Box

Post by RickLewis »

Thanks. I think Greylorn Ell's idea was pretty cool, actually. I would have liked a cup of tea with the great Roger Penrose and am sorry I haven't managed to organise that.

Our current Editor, Grant, spends a lot of his time in Oxford and does occasionally visit the local hostelries, so possibly I should share the idea with him. He once took me to The Eagle and Child, a charming pub where J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis used to meet for the occasional pint, with the other members of their literary group, the Inklings.
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Re: Philosophy Now magazine Suggestions Box

Post by attofishpi »

How about when we create a "New Topic" we can have the option to Block Users and can add at least one username such that they cannot post within the thread that we have created.

A certain person trashed uwot's thread that he created where he was attempting to discuss subject matter on his new u-tube channel.

If people want to create a topic for discussion and not have to put up with supreme nitwits splurging diarrhea all over it, then give us that option...please! It would improve the forum immensely, heck people could block that pommie git attofishpi if need be!!

PS. Rick, I'll do the programming to 'make it so' (as Picard would say) if required.
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Re: Philosophy Now magazine Suggestions Box

Post by river »

It would be a good thing . Having experienced insults and the like before , it turns out not all that constructive . Just ignore them or calmly reply to their posts context that is about the discussion its self . Just reply to those who take the discussion seriously .
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Re: Philosophy Now magazine Suggestions Box

Post by puto »

Thank-You sir, as it may be MLA cited, I still Thank-You as it was my literature reference.
Work Cited
Tallis, Prof Raymond.
Perception and Realty.
Philosophy Now, Issue
142, pp 62 - 63.
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Re: Let's help Rick Lewis become rich and famous.

Post by andan1 »

Aakriti wrote: Sun Oct 15, 2023 11:11 am
Greylorn Ell wrote: Sun Mar 01, 2015 9:31 pm What gratuitous advice can you offer Rick Lewis that will lead to Philosophy Now becoming the most important and most widely read journal on the planet?

I'll begin with the proposal that he loosen the grip of philosophers on philosophy by introducing the ideas of intelligent non-philosophers with outside perspectives, who occasionally discuss philosophically relevant ideas.

He might start by toddling off down the road to Oxford one afternoon to join Sir Roger Penrose in a suitable pub, for tea. While buying Roger a few teas he might elicit an article in which R.P. explains, for intelligent non-physicists, why he believes that the three essential ingredients for our universe are matter/energy, mathematics, and consciousness.

After the last tea of the day he might get the names of other philosophically relevant non-philosophers and later make it a point to send them all a free subscription to Phil.Now including paper copies of the version featuring the Penrose essay, requesting their feedback. Publish the shit out of that feedback.

Before the essay comes out, inform everyone on this forum and explain that the Penrose essay will be available to P.Now subscribers. Then follow up with a barrage of philosophically relevant ideas from non-philosophers in a variety of fields. Introduce controversy. Let the journal itself work like a slow-moving forum, but with a higher level of idea exchange.

The idea Rick Lewis has for growing Philosophy Now is intriguing. A more dynamic and inclusive intellectual platform may be achieved by integrating smart non-philosophers and incorporating different points of view. A blending of disciplines can result in a lively interchange of thoughts, potentially increasing Philosophy Now's influence and readership.[]gb whatsapp apk[/url]
Absolutely! Agree Phil.Now can thrive with fresh voices. Imagine Penrose explaining physics mysteries for everyone! Publish outsider feedback alongside his essay, spark debate! Let the journal be a forum for big ideas, drawing in new readers with each challenge.
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