The cosmological model of UVS

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The cosmological model of UVS

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This is a conceptual framework of a non-standard cosmology.

The text of the web page is cut and pasted here but less the images, links, and clutters. This is intended for the convenience of quoting for specific discussions, but recommend readers to read it from its web site for its full presentation.

Here goes:

In the UVS worldview, the cosmos is an aetheric nested vortical hypersphere, and all celestial objects are intrinsically formed within that system.

In a nutshell, the nested vortical hypersphere cosmos is an aetheric vortical structure formed in the paradigm of a vortical hypersphere of 137 nested 3-spheres, and it resonates to intrinsically form its clusters of nested vortical hyperspheres with their structurally transformed tori.

The nested vortical hypersphere cosmos can be visualized as a precessing nested torus structure with an intrinsic two-axis spin.

The empirically observed CMB dipole is a piece of compelling evidence for the UVS postulation of this metaphysical abstract.

And evidently, its hyperspherical variants of torus transformed structures are ubiquitously demonstrated in the entire observable universe.

Heuristically, with the precession effect of the two-axis spin intrinsically resonated in the nested cosmic hypersphere, it harmonically weaves its nested vortical hypersphere from the macrocosms to the microcosms.

With the induced aether vortical motions of the cosmos, all matters are vortically formed, scattered, and then coalesced with the vortical spin fusion in the nested manner of the cosmic hypersphere.

This vortical process in the material phase of the nested vortical hypersphere cosmos, vortically forms the elementary particles in an inside-out nested manner, which then cyclically and periodically coalesced as the various types of atoms in their outside-in manners to vortically form the various types of molecules and compounds. These material structures in the microcosms are inversely formed in their nested aetheric hyperspherical vortices, and they are formed with the extrinsic vortical motions of their torque-induced precession that have resonated intrinsically.

In a nutshell, matters emerge vortically in an inside-out nested manner from their resonated hyperspheres, and are then vortically coalesced in the outside-in nested manner of the cosmic hypersphere.

In the outside-in manner that vortically coalesces the scattered matters in the macrocosms, the nested vortical hypersphere of the cosmos thus undulate to orderly form the nested structures of superclusters, galaxy clusters, galaxy groups, galaxies, satellite galaxies, star systems, and planetary systems.

An artist's impression of a UVS hypothesized nested vortical hypersphere shown with the vortically formed spiral arms manifested on its accretion disc.

This artist's impresssion is from a vantage point looking closed-up at a galactical system, it depicts the galactic hypersphere structure of a galaxy with the hyperspheres of its planetary systems nested within. And it also indicatively shows this galactic hypersphere is among numerous similar scale distant galactic hyperspheres dotted in the background among some other star clusters.

See the UVS topic on "The structure of the observable universe" that elaborates in the UVS worldview on how the physical structures in the cosmos are intrinsically formed in its nested vortical hypersphere.
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