Anything to do with gender and the status of women and men.

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Post by Nick_A » Tue Aug 06, 2019 4:48 am

The effect of emotional denial is to limit contemplation to what supports denial. Emotional denial by definition is selective so supports the attachments to the wall in Plato's cave.

The role model for a woman living in and defending life in Plato's cave must support a role prominent in cave life. She must project an image which is attractive, charismatic, and intelligent.

The role model for a woman capable of awakening a man to the value of freedom from cave life is different. She doesn't project an image but radiates a quality of energy that our higher parts respond to. Rather than inspiring a person to do this or that, this role model enables a man to feel the foolishness of fighting windmills. He begins to realize that the real battle is with himself - his hypocrisy. She becomes like the fabled princess kissing the frog which becomes a prince. This role model will be frowned upon by all those who believe the human need for meaning is answered within cave life. The minority who feel the inadequacy of cave life will have gratitude for this role model who has helped to enable them to smell the coffee.

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Post by Dachshund » Wed Aug 21, 2019 3:11 pm

Nick_A wrote:
Mon Aug 05, 2019 3:20 pm

Certain women radiate a quality of energy, as opposed to an image inspired by vanity, which enables men to feel the foolishness of the negative defense of imaginary self importance. Such a woman can enable men to feel the utter foolishness of war for example. I would call them the most important role model a woman can be for the benefit of our world.

I think the divine Simone Weil is definitely one of those women. No wonder you've got such a big crush on her, Nick, (purely Platonic of course) :D !!

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