Nihilism as Projection of Yani Worship

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Nihilism as Projection of Yani Worship

Post by Eodnhoj7 » Fri Jan 04, 2019 8:24 pm

Nihilism as Projection of Yani Worship

The growing emphasis on nihilism reflects a lack of reason and an ethical structure within society and emphasis on strict emotional subjectivity alone.

With the absent of the father-figure, in a variety of ways, societies without patriarchal values lean towards an emphasis on maternal worship and emphasis on a strict maternal instinct of "nurturing" all facets of life.

This leads to an inhernent acceptance of everything as being equal, with this equality not just necessitating a form of seperation (as to claim equality between beings is to claim a seperation), but a form of relativity in ethical values where the subjective self is deemed as "good enough".

All is one in meaning, and all becomes void because of it. This intellectual void, premised on a "need in relations", necessitates a gaping chasm within the individual which can only be filled by other's.

This "void" reflects a form of Yani worship, and an inherent imbalance within the nature of how reason is applied as formlessness is not balanced with form.

The emphasis on nurturing alone, over formation of limits, reflects itself in not just a single parent household dominated by the mother but effectively is observed in the state structured matriarchal day-care and schooling systems where "discipline as the formation of boundaries" is effectively outlawed.

The empty formless nature of the subjective self, in turn mirrors not just the void of the human condition, but necessitates that relation alone requires a passive receptive element where the individual is a receptive of the state.

This reflects the passive element of not just yani worship, but resonants further in culture of promiscuity as the passive acceptance of everything at the expense of the self.

This in turn reflects further into the value system of nihilism.

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