All Laws are Localizations of Unified Phenomenon, Hence a Projection of the Observer And Random

How does science work? And what's all this about quantum mechanics?

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All Laws are Localizations of Unified Phenomenon, Hence a Projection of the Observer And Random

Post by Eodnhoj7 » Wed Jan 02, 2019 8:33 pm

Relative to any law in physics, mathematics, psychology, etc. a form of proof is necessitated to give form to the law itself.

The law exists, through the proof, the proof acts as a way of defining the law with the law reciprocating in turn through the definition.

The law is a localization of a series of proofs, while the proof is a localization of one law. For example, "entropy" is defined through the "fracturing" of phenomenon (specifically material phenomenon in the case of physics or degradation in fields such as biology). These proofs, necessitate a continual series of further proofs as the proof itself, while symmetrical to a law, is not a law in itself as the proof is merely a particulate state of the law.

Entropy in physics is proven in accords to observing the individuation of one material into another, and is generalization of all material movement continuously proven in accords with further individuation of further material individuation.

The law is a generalization of a series of proofs, with the series of proofs reflecting each proof as a particular state of the law itself. The law/proof dualism necessitates a foundational nature of generality and particularization.

1) The law is a localization of a series, and as localized contains a nature of randomness

2) The proof, as a localization of a part of the series, in turn is a localization of the the law.

3) The law is a series of defined proofs, where the law exists as a boundary of movements where each proof not only exists through a further proof, but is subject to a temporal nature where it exists through time (ex: for entropy to exist as a law it is continually re-proven through nature.) a continually reproven.

4) Time is continually necessitated through proof, and proof is a localization of time. All laws are localized movements in time; hence as an observation of time works at a progressive empirical level and abstractly in the progressive nature of knowledge where observation is a form of time.

5) All laws and proof are necessitated through a form of recursive reciprocation, as a law in itself subject to itself as both a generalized and particulate state.

6) This recursive reciprocation is localization and is both an observation of a deterministic structure as localization is effectively localized through its own nature and has a progressive nature which approximates a unified reality. Localization, through the observer, is random as an approximation; hence all laws and there reciprocal proofs are simultaneously random but exist as meaningful due to the very same symmetry inherent within this reciprocation.

7) Observation is spontaneous and what we deem as random sets the foundation for meaning and definition at the abstract and empirical level of understanding.

This applies to all laws, and is a law in itself; hence randomness is a law.

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