Light as a Mirror

So what's really going on?

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Light as a Mirror

Post by Eodnhoj7 » Mon Nov 12, 2018 2:25 am

The nature of light, historically, observes not just a symbolic form of unity expressed through Sun Worship in ancient cultures, as the sun existed as a singular orb giving foundation to all forms of life by its rays, but a more abstract symbol to wisdom and reason where a perceived problem is defined in accords to the definition observed within it.

Light, empirically or abstractly, acts a means of formation and gives structure to all being. Light acts as a Mirror in these respects. In shining upon a phenomenon which is formless and ambiguous, form is given and darkness canceled out by its own nature as it is self consumed in the face of that which is self maintained.

Light, as form, mirrors the formless resulting in an infinite variation of form while existing through itself as itself as light is directed to light for light is movement. Light, as form, from a perspective of physics can be viewed as conducive to volume occuring through acceleration where void inverts the volume causing it accelerate.

Light, exists fundamentally as directed movement with its form, as volume, existing through its acceleration

This occurs simultaneously in the nature of Light as abstract reasoning. Reasoning, as that which gives definition, occurs through the giving of form to a perceived problem or contradiction, with the problem or contradiction existing as an issue of opposition leading to formless and hence absence of structure. A volume of thought is merely a form of thought where the acceleration of thought is its repetition (all acceleration is a rate of change with this rate of change being the repitition of a form). The problem or contradiction, as absence of form, is given form and function (existence) by the act of reason inverting it into a unified state that is defined and clear.

Void/ignorance/0d point space can be observed as that which effectively divides light, with the division of this light causing light to exist in multiple variations. This multiplicity in light, as divided through no form is a mirroring of the formless where formlessness is reflected through multiplicity. This multiplicity of Light, whether empirical or abstract, can be observed in its particulate nature (light as particle or atomic fact) as directed towards other light.

Light directed to light observes light as not just connected, but mirroring itself as itself while mirroring the nature of void/ignorance/0d point space and effectively encapsulating it.

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