Patriotism Trumped

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Patriotism Trumped

Post by RWStanding » Thu Sep 27, 2018 7:21 am

Patriotism Trumped
President Trump has vaunted the idea of Patriotism and Nationalism.
The great problem with the term, Patriotism, is that it is favoured everywhere in all forms of state-society. Therefore, it is almost certain to be flawed in its usage, or inadequate ethically.
From the vantage point of the Altruist Society, the term may be considered appropriate as signifying a particular package of culture and social ethics. But, quite essentially, with the ability and right to criticize and condemn anything that is being done in the name of that state. Perhaps with other qualifications.
Trump may be criticized as straying away into jingoism.
Jingoism is the term that presumably most fits the form of ‘patriotism’ that is employed in tyrannies or authoritarian states. Although they will not use the term. No doubt for kingdoms the term fealty is applicable, and this can be transferred to other forms of authoritarian state.
What then is the term that most suits a state and society that has a minimalist state apparatus, with citizens who consider almost anything done by it is an imposition. Allegiance is a term that comes to mind, but can no doubt be improved on.
What is critical, is that citizens of Altruist Democracies must use and understand a term that fits that society, as against contrary forms of society and state. People are too often condemned as traitors when they are simply being critical and refusing to comply.

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