Trumpers --- Endorsing Bigotry in the Faces of Everyone

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Trumpers --- Endorsing Bigotry in the Faces of Everyone

Post by Science Fan » Tue Feb 20, 2018 5:54 pm

Trump's campaign was not to make America great, but rather, to make America great "again." By adding the word "again" into his campaign slogan, Trump specifically referred to taking America back to some point in its past. Trump, however, has never stated when in the past America was "great." I've also asked this question of numerous Trumpers, both on social media and in the real world, and they never give me an answer. Rather odd that neither Trump nor those who worship him can even tell us what Trump's campaign slogan meant.

The slogan is a classic example of dog-whistle politics. Trump used the word "again," to appeal to the white-supremacists. He wants them to know that he thinks that when white Christians could freely discriminate against minorities and get away with it. There has never been a time in America's past where minorities had greater rights than they do now. The reference to "again," a return to the past, meant nothing less than taking America backwards to a time when there was segregation against blacks, when women had few rights, when religious minorities were routinely discriminated against.

If Trump were truthful, he would have campaigned that he was trying to make America less tolerant and more bigoted again.

I always wondered how it was that people ever could have supported a Hitler or a Lenin, or some other dictator. Now I know. Some people just love authoritarianism ---- when that means they get to discriminate against other people so they can feel better about themselves. Trumpers are the very same people who allowed fascism to rise in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s. To say that I hate these people is being polite.

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