Goals and expectations

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Goals and expectations

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I have a composing hobby I wish to pursue and live for. I wish to share to you my goals and expectations when it comes to my composing dream:

1.) I need my positive emotions in order to see the value and worth in my composing in the first place. Me being happy, having fun, and enjoying my life and composing is the one and only thing that allows me to see the good value, beauty, and worth of things in my life and composing hobby. Why live for a hobby when I can't even see the value and worth in doing it? I cannot stand being a composer that way. Euphoric states would be the most intense positive emotions and dysphoric states are definitely ones I would want to avoid since they would be the most intense negative emotions. It would certainly be lovely if I could feel euphoric. But positive emotions that are not at a euphoric level would certainly be sufficient. As long as I can enjoy and have fun with my composing hobby at a sufficient degree, then that is what I need.

2.) I need to achieve my goal of being a fully trained and educated composer so that I can share any fully perfected song or theme. If I, in my currently uneducated and untrained composing status, was going to die within the next 2 weeks or month due to some fatal illness, then I would give up my composing and just focus on something else to make the best of these last few moments of my life. Since my goal was to produce fully perfected songs and themes and share their very power to others, then it is pointless to pursue my composing hobby any further in such a predicament since I cannot achieve that goal in only 2 weeks or one month. Such a goal is long term and takes perhaps years of dedication and hard work. As I have learned, it is not a simple matter of putting down the right notes, the right rests, having chords, and a bass line.

There is far more to music than this and without these accompanying factors, then my music would just be bland or it might even appear as random tunes. Most people would view factor #2 as well as factor #1 as shallow. I do not see it that way. I think these are the most profound and powerful factors needed. Everybody has different views as to what it is shallow and what is profound. Many people would actually view it as a very profound thing for me to still enjoy my composing just to make the best of it even if I was going to die within the next 2 weeks or so and couldn't achieve that grand goal I had in mind. But this would really be no different than if someone had tools (in my case, a keyboard and software) and his goal was to build houses (or, in this case, for me to fully perfect my songs and share their very power).

If the person with tools was lacking training and education, he was going to die within the next few moments, and, thus, he could only tinker with these tools in crafting bland, mediocre, stale pieces of equipment and couldn't build any houses, then it would just be pointless and a waste of time. The fact is, I wish to create some good, powerful, compelling, and profound music here. I wish share it to as many people as I can so that people may be moved, inspired, and for said music to have its very power recognized and praised. I will not settle for crafting the types of pieces that even a complete beginner can craft. Therefore, I need to make sure I keep myself healthy and alive. To have my positive emotions intact requires a healthy, functional brain. This means no depression in my life, no misery, no more emotional trauma, no brain damage, etc. To actually live requires a healthy body. That means no heart disease, no cancer, no weak immune system, etc.

Now that I have presented both of these factors to you, both of these factors must be present in order for me to not give up composing. I cannot have just one or the other. This means that if I had my positive emotions to enjoy my composing even though I couldn't achieve my goal, then I would just give up. I would just have the idea that it would be pointless and would give up. But, then again, positive emotions get me interested, allow me to see good value in things, and allow me to enjoy things. So, perhaps I would still pursue composing anyway. I am not sure on this one. But I do know for sure that if I had no positive emotions such as due to me being in a miserable state and I could fully go through with and achieve my goal, then I would give up for the time being until I regain my positive emotions.

As long as both of these factors are present in my life, then I am more than willing to dedicate all the time and effort in the world to achieve my goal. I would promote my fully perfected music on youtube and soundcloud later on down the road. My user name would be Transcended Dimensions which reflects the style of music I wish to compose. Even though I am well aware of the fact that both of those factors I depend on are very fleeting, I still have a positive interest in composing anyway and I just hope that luck will be on my side. There is also a 3rd factor which would be that, if I become an expert composer, share my perfected music, and many people still have no interest in it and don't like it, then I will try and try again. But if they still don't, then I might still compose anyway simply because I feel positive emotions from doing it or I would just give up.

If my theme conveys that powerful and profound emotion I described earlier and people still have an indifferent response to it or think it is hardly anything good at all or not that great, then this could either mean that there is still something amiss with my produced theme that I do not realize or that people are like lifeless machines. It is often the case that humanity are like lifeless machines who respond to the greatest and most profound events, things, people, art, etc. with complete apathy. Such a response would really make my composing boring and dull. I might find myself wanting to give up. I would have expected something far more interesting.

But if this is all I am going to get, then that just completely takes away the very purpose music is supposed to have. Music is meant to move, motivate, empower, and inspire people. If famous and talented musical artists came up with their amazing and profound songs and themes (such as a song by Michael Jackson) only to have humanity respond to it with complete apathy, then that would just be a huge disappointment for these artists. They would be like dull and boring people at a party. They don't make anything interesting and it is just a waste of time to share and express to these people. Remember, if people are going to praise my music, then your praise and glorification of my themes would have to be a genuine response. I can tell if certain responses are not genuine.
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