Abortion, euthanasia, genetic engineering, Just War theory and other such hot topics.

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Lacewing wrote:
Dalek Prime wrote:
Lacewing wrote:I think war is due to a primitive way of thinking.
Btw, aren't animals technically primitive thinkers?
No! :D

Animals use their thinking skills fully and efficiently for the lives they lead.

Humans, on the other hand... "primitize" themselves. (I just made that up.) They are capable of much more, but they choose and perpetuate much less.

How's that for an explanation of the distinction I'm making? :)
Not bad. I can accept that explanation. :wink:

As an aside, I took a friend to dinner, and it was a lovely, relaxing experience for both. She then called me, after we parted, and somehow, the topic of my core philosophy reared it's ugly head. Now I feel like shit for ending the night on a horrible note, and ruining our earlier experience. Lace, I tell you, I wish sometimes I'd just learn to shut the fuck up. :|
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