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Hey everyone,

I guess I’m one of the part-time “lurkers” of this forum. I usually gravitate more towards natural sciencey sites wherein I have an inkling of what people are getting so excited about unlike some sites (like this one :wink: ) which leave me constantly wondering ‘what the heck are these people discussing?’.

I don’t have much to recommend myself except that maybe I have parents and therefore their friends who are into these toplofty stuff which they will never miss any opportunity to go into..with guns and egos all a-blazing.. especially at the dinner table while we kids try our very best to tune them out. <sigh> When everything else failed, my dad had to bribe us to read Russell’s bible “you can’t call yourselves literate until you have read his book …” alas the story of my childhood and I have come to the painful realization that on the day that I was born my parents brought home the wrong baby. And to top it all off, my case also further proves that nature beats nurture hands down. :lol:

Seriously, though I am loath to admit that my dad is probably right about a lot of things, lately I’m beginning to realize that philosophy or trying “to engage in philosophical pursuits” is actually a lot more interesting than the drag that I have always thought it is. So here I am- the resident ignoramus but highly motivated to learn… so please be gentle and kind.


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You are very welcome, dreamcatcher! Philosphy is best learned by doing, and this is good place to do it.

miss lewis
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I am somewhat a newbie too, so there are a few of us and with all my posts, everyone has been polite with my efforts.

I find reading allot of the comments helps and are good ways to get ideas for future books to read that are of interest to me. Have you read the History of Philosophy by Will Durrant? Very good, easy way in. Hope you enjoy.
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