what is normality?

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Re: what is normality?

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thedoc wrote:
Hobbes' Choice wrote: Fact is that homosexuality is now considered normal, as once it was not. This has precious little effect on the survival of humanity. Homosexuality is perfectly natural, if rare. At least rare enough for it not to have any significant affect on the propagation of the species, and is found in many species of mammal.

I think I would suggest that "normal" is not the correct word and "accepted" is more in keeping with attitudes of some people. I'm not sure how many people, outside the homosexual community, would consider it normal. I would also add that in ancient Greece, homosexuality was more accepted than in other places in the world, but then I am not as familiar with ancient history world wide. Perhaps someone knows of other areas where homosexuality was practiced and somewhat accepted.
Well if it is not normal then it has to be abnormal. I don't think many would agree with that, I hope.
I suppose you would have to define normal first.

Is wearing fake nails normal? Fewer people wear fake nails than are homosexual. Is being a fashion model or pop star normal?
There are more gay people in the UK that Pop stars. So what is normal?
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Re: what is normality?

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Hobbes' Choice wrote:I hope to be able to offer good grammar in English
Certainly you will
Hobbes' Choice wrote:Is "porca miseria" some sort of expletive?
Yes, it is. Sounds like "holy cow!" or something along with this.
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Re: what is normality?

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What is normality? What is the standardization of humanity to be considered as normal?

They must have ability to secure their lives, making comparison to see their own possibilities and developing it gradually.

What is normality? Simply put, there must be ability to adjust their acts based on acceptance or denial to secure and develop themselves
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