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Re: Recommended Books to Read

Post by WanderingLands »

You remember it.

But how has it influenced your life ? Can you develop ?

There is a letter of St. Paul to Corinthians, a passage from it is about love.
It depends how it is pronounced, in what atmosphere, to impress you.

In the film "Blue" the words are recited in such a way that they get to you.

Another example:

In Nietzsche´s Zarathustra there is a passage about desire.

In "France Culture" a French woman recited it once in such a way that I got to it (or the text to me).

Le désir veut ... une pro-fonde ... pro-fonde ... é-ter-ni-té ...

A voice can make a text alive, in a way.
Then it really speaks to you.
I don´t mean pathos, of course. Pathos turns words into the grotesque and ridiculous.

Have you made a similar experience with a particular text ?[/quote]

About that Luke verse: it gave something very profound for me and changed my way of thinking about Spirituality, because it made it easier for me to cope with the problems that I've had in my life to develop spiritualy by getting closer to the Divine. It confirms that the energy surrounds us is divine, despite the fact that these energies are manifested in physical and material forces.

Now, I have not read any of the Epistles of Paul, nor have I yet to have read those other two texts mentioned. However, I have not really had much good experiences with Love (mate wise), but I have experienced Love from friends, family, and spirituality.
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Re: Recommended Books to Read

Post by duszek »

Thank you and good luck.
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Re: Recommended Books to Read

Post by SoF »

Curtain Call, Anthony Quinn
"There is never a dud scene, or a poorly drawn character. And scattered throughout Curtain Call are passages of lyricism that lodge in your memory."

Satin Island, Tom McCarthy
"Reading a McCarthy novel is like being in a McCarthy novel: everything is part of a fizzing network, the scope of which can never be fully apprehended."

Seneca: A Life, Emily Wilson
"Seneca lived in a world where dissimulation was a way of life, and the confusion between reality and failure woven into the very fabric of the state. It is the mirror he holds up to it which makes him such a great and unsettling writer, and which Wilson’s fine biography does so much to explicate."
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