Our Business of Aiding

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Our Business of Aiding

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Why is not humankind's business aimed in the large at the developing world to pull them with its own strength out of the dirt? Why this half-heartedness or half-commitment to the world's poor, needy and suffering? How much can we not sacrifice to turn our economies towards a new direction of empowering the weak with all the powers necessary to sustain their own advanced well-fare? It's all really about heart and commitment, if we committed ourselves the world would not be poorer because we spent money, the world would shift instead, and out of the spending could come a new economy, healthier to our ethical senses and the self-esteem of nations and individuals alike.

Because the momentum of progress only ends where commitment to it ends, it's not so that the world would stop because we supposedly tried to "pick up the laggers". The laggers would instead be jump-started into the future and our collective cleverness and mastery of skill would instead be vested in building on ancient natural ground futuristic technology and cities. Africa is not a place without anything, but a place ready for anything, so is the rest of the poor world.

Should we not turn the tides of civilization away from self-absorptions into celebrating the great and vastly beautiful achievements humankind can make happen with its share will and commitment? If we wanted to we could build a global network of fresh-water distribution... the lack of clean water is merely a lack of imagination at present and a tendency towards pessimism among the unfit and demoralized. Sources of potential food production is aplenty throughout the world, they merely need commitment to themselves, by knowledgeable people, wise policy-makers and understanding workers.

Why is not the world's dumps turned into factories for advanced recycling technology? It's merely a matter of making the commitment. Recycling could be a fantastic technology had it only been given the opportunity to express its excellence far enough. A thousand square metres of garbage can be turned into a sorted storage of base materials for re-manufacturing of goods.

All that is necessary is commitment, all is possible through the will of the powerful, and the US and the advanced countries of Europe is far beyond capable, they have large surplus of knowledge and skill that is just waiting to be put into meaningful work. A will to spend must first come, though.
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Re: Our Business of Aiding

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People generally care only about the pebble in their own shoe. Africa's seemingly never-ending tribal conflicts make such 'civilization' near impossible, the Aleut or Bedouin who wants no part of a modern lifestyle.
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Re: Our Business of Aiding

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Since the dawn of monetary economies, capitalisms and the free market, the standard of living has increased exponentially. This is largely due to the incentives for the individual, the reward for an egoist.

I think, following the trajectory of our economy, that in order to best help the developing world blossom we must continue to focus on development ourselves. Keep incentives for those who innovate and the base-line will continue to raise.
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