An introduction

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An introduction

Post by ReboundRegicide »

Hello. I'm Marty or ReboundRegicide.

A little bit about myself, I'm 21, from England. I've had a passion for philosophy since an early age, only in the last few years have I really put the main part of my mental will into the study of it as a subject as opposed to just an observation of the world. Looking to start my BA within philosphy next academic year having finished a few courses through the Oxford online university recently.

Mostly looking for a place to discuss and learn about this between other fairly like minded individuals, since I own a subscription to said magazine this seemed like a grand place to start.

Hello again.
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Re: An introduction

Post by hossein »

Hi Marty and welcome to the philosophy forum
hope to have great discussions!
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Re: An introduction

Post by The Voice of Time »

Hello and great to meet you :) Hopefully I'll see some interesting posts of yours ;)

But one notice in advance: while some people here have read some professional philosophy, it is largely an audience of people who have read just a little and have a fancy for it. I reckon you'd be best to try keep things straight-forward and simple if you want good replies and good discussion.

Posts that are too difficult to understand (Not as a rule but often), or are too badly written (In manner of style), often end up either waiting long or not at all getting a reply. Good posts, or popular subjects are quickly seized by attention though. So, just a little heads-up ;)
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