Hypothetical experiment...

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Hypothetical experiment...

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Let's say there's this massive figure in popular culture with a sizable audience. Could be a stand-up comedian, could be a political commentator, movie star, whatever. Just someone who seems to have a lot of charisma, with a legion of fans at his beck and call.

This guy is then invited onto a show with someone else who has a sizable audience, like one of these daily/tonight shows (Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, etc) I guess since most of you live in the UK, I'll say Graham Norton or Johnathan Ross or whatever you guys have over there. Doesn't matter, just any show where you're being interviewed by someone else who has a lot of eyes.

So this guy's now being interview, and at some point the conversation shifts to the topic of sexual assault in modern media and he randomly decides to get up, focusing his attention entirely to the camera that's currently on-screen. Dude goes off on a total tangent - he says something along the lines of
And I just want to set the record straight, [Mr. So-And-So] has never raped anyone in his entire life; I do not want to hear any headlines tomorrow, of someone who has decided to falsely accuse Mr. So-and-So of sexual assault. I truly mean it - nobody had better do just this. Neither a bunch of folks filing a false police report, hosting a malicious website to collect false claims made against Mr. So-and-So, facebook messages and twitter @s, or by contacting a massive media organization directly, are to be done by tomorrow afternoon; I want Mr. So-and-So and rape, or of any sexual deviancy, to have an association as far away from each other as possible
He winks and sits back down.

On a scale of one to ten, how much is it going to suck to be Mr So-and-So over the next couple days? How many bad actors do you think would step forward after this? I mean, would you mind if all this was just said about you, randomly, from a massive figure?

If you believe there would be a lot of people that come forward after being told specifically not to, what do you think this says about the blanket legitimacy of sexual assault claims?

I have one more question...

How much worse do you think Mr So-and-So's situation would be, if it wasn't just this tongue-in-cheek attempt at rallying contrarians, but a direct call for rabid fans to start accusing this man of sexual assault like it's going out of fashion?
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