Do feminists live in the real world?

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Do feminists live in the real world?

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I just did some more-than-an-hour-long reading, again.

I do not own a TV set. I consume very little of the products of the entertainment industrial complex. Never been to a concert. Average viewing less than one movie a year.

What I do is read, read, read.

Hopefully you get the picture.

It is remarkable, in all of that reading about current events, politics, economics, ecology, nature, society, psychology, life, culture, religion, philosophy, etc., how little feminist theory and feminist ideology appears to have to say about the questions, problems and issues that we are forced to grapple with.

Maybe this is why women continue to be underrepresented at the top in societies like the U.S.? Too much feminist ideology and too little about the real problems that the average person faces?

If, as its champions insist, feminist thought reflects reality more than any other system of thought ever developed then we must be witnessing the most breathtaking systematic repression and censorship of truth/reality ever. Feminist thought has for most of its history had advantages--mass communications technology, freedom of speech, free markets for ideas, mass literacy and education, the modern university--that the overwhelming majority of systems of thought, such as Christian theology, have had little or none of.

What is going on? Why is it that with 99% of topics, no matter the sex, age, race, location, etc. of the author, feminist thought makes almost no appearance in all of that reading?

Don't get me wrong, I do encounter and read feminist thought. However, it is always when the topic is specifically about gender and identity politics issues.

I am close to concluding that either feminism has little to say about the real world that most people experience most of the time, or feminism is the victim of unprecedented marginalization and repression.
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