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Re: #Mentoo

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Kayla wrote: Tue Jul 03, 2018 3:13 pm
vegetariantaxidermy wrote: Fri Jun 29, 2018 10:49 pm Oooh, a yank talking about 'kicking ass'. How surprising. It might be a bit scarier if they knew how to spell 'arse'.
a chav lecturing me about spelling lol

why don't you go get drunk and attack a rival soccer gang or something
I don't recall mentioning colour,
yes you do

you used the word 'kkkristian'

that was a reference to the kkk - or was it a reference to something else

have you been drinking so much that you cant even remember what you wrote in your last post?
I don't remember you being quite as stupid as this but perhaps I just didn't read enough of your self-absorbed drivel.
I still don't recall mentioning 'colour', and what if I had? I mentioned it after you did, when I said that all the anti-choice protests I've seen have been glaringly 'white' (which happens to be true).
I have no idea what a 'chav' is. It's clearly an insulting stereotype of some kind (obviously one that the "Progressive'' thought-police are ok with, praise the lord).
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Re: #Mentoo

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I was going to say something off the cuff, but it is nice to have a female companion who one can share life with. I've had partners before, and hope that I'll meet the right one to share my later years with. In the meantime, I won't let my single status embitter me. Nor will I force myself on someone who has no interest in me. Anger and bitterness only hurt those who don't let it go.

Can there be discrimination from some? Sure. Life is not fair. We all know this. But we can learn to make a life that is pleasant, or dwell on hurts. It is a choice. I choose not to dwell on the hurt.

Que sera sera.
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Re: #Mentoo

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QuantumT wrote: Fri May 25, 2018 10:14 pm Have you ever felt judged by a woman, just because you gazed a second too long?

Let #Mentoo unfold...!
In some areas there are legal ramifications being drawn up because staring too long (especially at a co-worker) can be considered sexual harassment.
I do have doubts that it will be enforced much of the time because it would take up so much time/money/paperwork to deal with. Overall, I find it to be a stupid complaint too.

As far as everything else, men don't stand a chance in the new world as it is forming. I argued in the most ridiculous University class I had, Families and Households, that men are abused in relationships too. The professor kept pushing "well, statistically.." and I would retort "Statistically men know that men can't talk about being abused by a woman because no one believes them! You don't believe me and no one here does!"
One female student chimed into the argument too because to her I was discounting that women are abused by men when I said men are abused too. I don't see how saying "it happens to both" means "it doesn't happen to one". I suppose it was because I was taking up time we were supposed to be talking about women being abused by men that got her angry.
The textbook for that class, spoke of men being abused in one tiny paragraph. ONE tiny paragraph. While the rest spoke of toxic masculinity and men prowling and seeking to be stronger than their competition. This meant being men and showing virility anywhere they can.
This is the kind of shit being taught in "higher education". *pfffft*

In the area I live, there are two large, beautiful and well-secured women's shelters. There are more that are smaller and less well-known. Yes, women's shelters should exist and be maintained. However, for men, their ONLY shelter was shut down for being so dilapidated that it was deemed unfit. Additionally, if they had children and an abusive woman that he wanted to take the children from, he was not allowed to take the children to the shelter. So the children would have to be left with the abusive woman or put into children's services. Or he stays to take the abuse. Because no courts believe the male. How many men are awarded custody of their children? My uncle was in the 80s in a time it was unheard of, but only because the mother said she didn't want to be a mother.

My friend knows someone who was with a crazed woman who while in a fight she bashed her own head against the door frame and yelled "I'm going to tell the cops you did this!!" but her failure was that there was a witness to the incident. I know men have no where to go when they are abused, I was just crazy enough with my first boyfriend I hit him once (and felt Terrible so thankfully if there is any bit of good is that I realized how stupid I was and to never do that again to anyone). But I knew he had no where to turn, no one believes men are abused in relationships. No one believes men are raped in relationships either, because men are "always up for it" or face a fight because she may feel rejected. There are LOTS of stories men have told me of being abused in different ways in relationships because I bring up the conversation with male friends and such. But no one believes it happens. Or that if it happens he can "man up" and take the abuse or leave, only for the next woman to possibly be as nasty. Men can be called "f*ckface" or humiliated by his girlfriend, in public, and no one would bat an eye. If a man says that to a woman, in public especially, what do you think would happen then? (I'm not actually looking for that to be answered, we all know someone would jump in to the rescue).

I feel for men. There is no movement but MGTOW that may speak of this and they don't exactly have a great reputation. But men in this time when men are deemed as all evil and have all the privilege, even "higher education" attempts to indoctrinate people into believing it to be so, men don't stand a chance.
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