Am I a man or a woman?

Anything to do with gender and the status of women and men.

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Re: Am I a man or a woman?

Post by RickLewis » Wed Apr 26, 2017 11:27 pm

This thread and in particular the discussion between vegetariantaxidermy, Harbal and ForCruxSake is now closed. As general advice to forum users: do please try to treat each other with a little more respect, even if you feel that "they started it".

If you don't feel able to rebuff their ignorant barbs with reason and courteous words, then please ignore them. If you don't feel able to ignore them through your own willpower, then please consider using the technology we have made available, by adding them to your "Foes" list. The forum will then automatically hide from you any future posts that they make.

Adding a user to your "Foes" list can be done from your User Control Panel (UCP) or else by clicking on "Add foe" in the other user's profile.

If all of the above options fail and you find yourself chucking insults at the other person, then either I or one of the Mods will eventually suspend you from the forum. On a good day, we may attempt to feign regret while doing so.


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