The Feminization of Mankind

Anything to do with gender and the status of women and men.

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Re: The Feminization of Mankind

Post by Blaggard »

What worries me more is the masculinaisation of women kind, if it wasn't bad enough that men are idiots, women trying to ape men is probably not the way a species should go if it hopes to stop the incessant need to one up the rest of the human race in a facile game of marbles that nobody ever wins. ;)

Ah Satyr your masogyny nonsense comforts much of the interweb, you will be sorely missed like the dinosaurs when you eventually exceed to extinction. ;)
Duncan Butlin wrote:Bye Marjoramblues

I wouldn't worry too much DB, it seems MB is trying to develop the most extensive ignore list in the history of the internet. For which such endeavours I wish him bon voyage, although I am quite aware he will never read this. :P
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Duncan Butlin
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Re: The Feminization of Mankind

Post by Duncan Butlin »

Thanks Blaggard for your reassurances. I did find Marjoramblues's abrupt exit a little disconcerting.

To me, men are more at fault than women: women are just fighting their corner whereas men have given up. I have found that even the most butch feminist gives up and starts to behave coquettishly once two or three of their arguments have been put down by a man.
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