Damn the consequences

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Damn the consequences

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When an 18-year old girl fires a series of ultimatums to a 25-year old young man about marrying, moving in together, or buying a house, it often works. At that age, a young man is often desperately hunting for a reliable source of recurring sexual tension relief, and willing to take whatever legal risks in the process, damned be the consequences.

That is why unfair divorce settlements were not much of an issue in the past, when people got married at a much younger age than today.

When a 27-year old woman tries to do the same with a 32-year old man, the man is way less likely to cave in to an ultimatum. The ultimatum will simply lead to a break up of the relationship.

It is not that a 32-year old man would be "commitment phobic".

It is rather that over the years, the man has already adjusted to various alternative arrangements for recurring sexual-tension relief. At that age, the level of testosterone has also become lower already. He now considers cohabitation and marriage to be overrated. These things are not a solution. Instead, they are very often a trap -- think of dead bedrooms -- that prevents the solution. The man knows that offering commitment does not constitute a guarantee for future recurring sexual tension relief. The act of committing merely guarantees future financial obligations. Furthermore, at the age of 27, the "magic of youth" is largely gone in the woman. She is simply too late in the game to cash in her chips.

A wife is under no legal obligation to provide sexual tension relief to her husband. Therefore, a man will avoid to become entangled inside a web of legal obligations meant to coerce him into provide financial support to a woman. She is under no legal obligation to provide anything in return anyway.

Conclusion. Separately, unfair divorce settlements and higher age of marriage would not necessarily have led to a complete collapse in the institution of marriage. However, when combined together, they cause a societal Armageddon. The marriage rate implodes. The birth rate comes crashing down. The age pyramid rapidly reverses. Such society is fundamentally doomed. Furthermore, it is way too late in the game to fix anything. On the contrary, the collapse of western civilization can no longer be averted.
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