Reducing the surplus male population by 90%

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Reducing the surplus male population by 90%

Post by IvoryBlackBishop » Mon May 11, 2020 2:09 am

This is something of a radical idea, but I thought I would put it out there nonetheless.

Supposedly, males, at least in the eyes of women, can potentially be defined as one of two types - one who provides "things", but has no romantic or biological appeal whatsoever, and one who provides romance, but may be lacking in the department of stability. (A bit of a dichtomy, but useful nonetheless).

In the case of males who potentially provide a steady supply of "labour", society could simply have the less genetically fit ones castrated at birth, keeping only the top 10% of males in terms of biological and/or intellectual fitness and romantic appeal sterile; said males would potentially be able to have up to 10 wives each to balance things out, so long as the women consentually agreed.

The remaining 90% of less "fit" males would be required by the state or society to supply a steady stream of menial labour, while the remaining 10% fittest males and their women would be subsidized, for the purpose of providing romance for the women and producing potentially more fit and aesthetically appealing offspring.

Eventually the 90% of less fit males could be replaced and rendered irrelevant once robotics and automation is used to supplant the inferior labor which they provide, and the program in its current form could be weeded out, with automated labour taking the place of less fit men and providing subsidization for the fitter ones and the women who adore them.

This of course would render the "incel" subcultures and the "men" who populate them extinct, and I doubt that society as a whole would be at much of a loss for it, and hopefully other inferior specimins of emotionally-stunted men, who provide nothing but a burden, a source of aesthetic revulsion, or threat of domestic violence upon women, sans anything resembling romance, understanding, or appreciation, another form of Darwinian extinct refuse, unable to further pollute the genetic pool in lieu of men with better genetic traits to offer women and their future children)

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