Should you think about your duty, or about the consequences of your actions? Or should you concentrate on becoming a good person?

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When considering basic values it is virtually imperative that ideologies like communism, fascism, capitalism, and so forth are avoided. They are complex constructs based on values that suit the argument. Therefore even a term like Anarchism should be avoided. The problem is of course in employing readily understood terminology, without confusion.
It may have been best had I not elsewhere used the term Anarchism. People naturally tend to confuse my usage with those dreadful constitutions proclaimed by 'anarchist' organisations.
The reality is that a global society, or local society, may wish to remove all organs of 'state' and 'class' but this necessitates a body of people of like mind, with what at least approximates to altruist motives. [Utopia] Even then the structure of society would need regulation, unless they are all living like peasants. Perhaps one day with robots making robots.
If the state signifies rule and organisation then anarchist society needs exactly that. A small commune must regulate itself democratically, in order to create rules, which means someone or few will insinuate their ideas of how and for what purpose the rules operate. At a larger regional scale there will be a form of government, however elected.
A recent TV program illustrated this quite graphically.
The probable Error of Anarchism is in its single dimension of thought. The free individual at one end with the authoritarian state at the other end.
'Anarchism' itself should be split into two sorts. Anarchism as I have employed the term is based on the autonomous individual or family, and must in fact believe only in society as egalitarian. With individuals and families having no essential duty or responsibility to others other than to ensure autonomy. Virtually impossible to achieve or even be wished for - USA or anywhere else.
Against that and against Authoritarianism, the other form of 'anarchism' should be called altruism. In this people are free within the bounds of social responsibility. Government essentially from the grass-roots upwards, as opposed to Authoritarianism with government from the top - an awful concept globally and one which may soon have on a commercial or capitalist basis. Local societies need to be as autonomous as possible, with the responsibility to maintain themselves holistically, nature, environment, socially, population, economy.

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