Practicing what they print ...

Should you think about your duty, or about the consequences of your actions? Or should you concentrate on becoming a good person?

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Practicing what they print ...

Post by FrankGSterleJr » Fri Sep 13, 2013 8:39 pm

Although they’ll often readily expect the identities of various political parties’ monetary supporters to be made public, our collective mainstream news-media do not at all appear anywhere even near as zealous about making just as public the fiscal and thus political interests of their large quantity concentration shareholders.
I feel that a law should be introduced and hopefully passed that would oblige any and all news-media that wish to print stories or carte blanche, often blatantly one-sided commentary regarding any election called, the political parties and their running candidates, to first make fully public the identities of all of their large quantity concentration shareholders; such would be mandatory in consideration of news-media ownership with fiscal interests in the outcome of the elections—e.g. an if-elected party’s promise to be more generous in corporate tax cuts.

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