tipping is sadistic

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tipping is sadistic

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Obviously i don't mean youn tipping as a means of rewarding good customer service but today, sadly (in the US in particular) the majority of the time tipping means a socially mandatory thing.

Besides undermining the entire point of tipping in the first place, tipping is bad because

a) It's a way for business owners, who already have more than their share of society's wealth, to pay less to their employees while guilt tripping the public into believing that if those employees don't make it it's your fault.

b) Most of the time the work done is only what's required to have your business - taking your order and bringing your food. There's no Possible logical explanation for why anyone should pay Extra for the minimum.

c) There is nothing about the running of a restaurant that is the responsibility of the patrons. Not to sweep the floor, not to clean the bathrooms, not to cook the food (Hear that, Papa Murphy's? That's right, i called you out!), and damned fucking sure not to pay their employees.

d) Making employee pay reliant on public feels is a terrible injustice to them. They should be guaranteed a living wage by their employer, full stop.

e) Having to worry about one more thing is bad. Having to worry about one more thing for stupid reasons is very bad. Having to worry about one more thing that is counterproductive to everyone except those who already have more than their share is evil.
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