Are Meat Markets Moral?

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Are Meat Markets Moral?

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No, because there is no ''Self'' anywhere to be found in the joint that could answer the question.

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Re: Are Meat Markets Moral?

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Morality is an intra-human-species specific thing.
Thus the killing of living non-humans is not a moral issue.
Therefore meat markets are not a moral issue.

This leave room for humans to kill living non-humans for food, kill them where there is threat to humanity, and other unintentional incidental killing of them, e.g. insects, good bacteria, etc.

But since humans have to live interdependent with other non-living-humans, humans has to give considerations to them where there is a primary positive interest to humans.

What is critical is humans should not kill animals for pleasure, and when killing animals for the purpose of food, there should be minimal sufferings. This is not for the sake of the animals but for the well-being of the individual[s] concerned [note mirror neurons].
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Re: Are Meat Markets Moral?

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Dontaskme wrote: Tue Jul 21, 2020 12:29 pm No, ...
You can always just kill the animals a give the meat away.
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