the plan of weed.

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the plan of weed.

Post by GreatandWiseTrixie »

message to the global elite. i have a deal u and me can agree on.

everybody knows u are making a prizon system to enslave and cuck all men. and of course u do this for the money.
since i know you dont give a shit about morality, i have a solution that will make u even more money than before.

give weed 2 all prisoners. let me explain.
1. this will encourage more crime, criminals will not try as hard to escape from police, resulting in more prisoners. more prisoners=more money for u.
2. you can reduce the cost of food. weed makes people think the shittiest food tastes good. therefore, give them weed and it will allow you to give prisoners food even shittier than it already is and they wont even care.
3. you can reduce cost of gaurds, prisoners will be weak and effete and less likely to assault each other.
4. this will also reduce the violent recidivism rate. prisoners are raised in a masculine environment causing them to get more testosterone and do more crime. but with weed, it feminizes so they will be less likely to do violent crime and property damage. However they are more likely to not have a job, thus do petty crime, petty crime is wat u want, less property damage and less resistance 2 arrest.
5. the main reason is, compassion for prisoners, it is inhumane to keep a man locked in a cage forever. thus with weed they are not mentally tortured by being in a cage, weed makes them not give a shit.

so have some compassion and do it for the money, if you mass produce weed it is ez 2 grow and wont cost very much, the profit should exceed the cost to grow the weed.

- joker out, doin good and savin' society 1 post at a time
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