Ethics of Economics and Government

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Ethics of Economics and Government

Post by RWStanding » Wed Feb 08, 2017 8:50 am

Ethics of Economics and Government
The way we organise and employ the economy is entirely a matter of ethics.
For the Anarchistic country, the main concerns for government are defence and security with the armed forces and police at the forefront. Economic activity left to private citizens, with large companies broken down as much as possible. Globally, isolationism for all purposes possible.
A more Totalitarian government controls economic activity for state purposes. A Christian theocracy would be centred on Christology, with the altruist ethic of Jesus very much a substratum. China today has a very clever use of the economy, and is probably employing 'free trade' as a tool by which to impose its power on the world. No doubt any such regime would happily encompass the globe.
Altruist democracy is much as Britain is today, in its usual muddled way. Globally this means cooperative Internationalism, rather than a United State of Europe and beyond. New technology shared as soon as possible. A truly national health service and social services very much centre stage, but with government in the background, and 'charitable' institutions in direct control. Industry and commerce encouraged as needed for employment and provision of a stabilised population of the country. Improving technology permitting movement of labour into social services. The current obsession with an ever expanding economy and greater population clearly bordering on the insane.
But whichever form of government and economy there is, they all depend on and cannot exist other than by grace of the general natural environment. At present we are ransacking and polluting the whole biosphere, and mere survival beyond this century is not guaranteed. The natural environment, and the human social environment, have always been and always will be a priority over greed. Britain up until the modern era was controlled by harsh nature, not so today. However, altruist society values nature for itself and not only as a tool for human survival - least of all as human cyborgs.

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