Three Faces of Democracy

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Three Faces of Democracy

Post by RWStanding » Sat Feb 04, 2017 9:28 am

Three Faces of Democracy
Ignoring a fourth face of chaos, that would undermine or destroy our world.
Two of these faces stand at the corners of Authoritarianism and Anarchism.
The authoritarians in question are those sucked into the coils of religion-philosophy such that they no longer question anything, outside the box, but only weave justifications for the rules they have been caused to believe. They may even have lost empathy for anyone not under the rule.
The anarchist corner is of those who are ruled by their own desires, and indeed needs, and only recognise this as a justification for society to exist. With little genuine empathy.
it may well be assumed that any normal large society or country, will contain not only Altruists but also these other two faces of society. We may pride ourselves as living in a democracy. But, if a large proportion of electoral opinion is of the anarchistic and authoritarian kind, it may debase Altruist Democracy. How this can happen requires little imagination.
That a democracy has 'free elections' and it is respected so far as previous government gives way to the newly elected, is the very least definition of democracy. An essential third leg is Freedom of Discussion, as against unfettered speech. But this requires all things from schooling and religious-philosophical institutions to be required to conform. An altruist is an altruist is an altruist.
An altruist global society is one based on diverse altruistically cooperative nations, pragmatically.

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