An Aggregate of Ego

Abortion, euthanasia, genetic engineering, Just War theory and other such hot topics.

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An Aggregate of Ego

Post by RWStanding » Fri Feb 03, 2017 8:32 am

An Aggregate of Ego
It would appear that much of the way this country operates relates less to the needs of the country as a society, than to it as an aggregate of individual and pressure-group demands. it is a altruist-anarchistic misalliance. Parliamentary elections tend to be individual wishful thinking, aggregated across the whole country, with the majority pie-in-the-sky getting the government it deserves. This is allied to the belief of individual 'human rights' that must be fulfilled. And individual needs that government is obliged to address. The agricultural industry needs seasonal workers. Hospital are short of nurses and doctors. Social services requires more carers. Industry and commerce generally wants to expand and make more profits. The population of the country must have workers imported from abroad from some endless source of humanity. as if we live in a global society, rather than merely a global economy.
In reality much of this is simply irresponsible anarchism, as against holistic altruism. And if we were in a global society, it would either be a barely manageable mass of 10 to 15 billion individuals. Probably waiting for Goggle to provide a program. Or it would be a commonwealth of nations, cooperating, but with most local needs to be provided locally, or rationed, according to the resources and labour available locally.
What is to be feared is that we will simply let matters drift, until 'Google' does take over.
It may do so for a world that denuded of anything of natural value.

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