All Things Equal and Selective Altruism

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All Things Equal and Selective Altruism

Post by RWStanding » Wed Feb 01, 2017 12:17 pm

All Things Equal and Selective Altruism
Altruism was no doubt coined with human beings in mind. As such it must be considered a selective or partial altruism. There are other creatures and forms of life that can be respected. A complete altruist is therefore one who encompasses all things in his concern. And might well do so even with humanity his principal object, since it is a poor prospect for people who live in artificial cocoons or conurbations.
Relative to this is the question of equality. And the absurdity of treating all life as equal in all respects. The altruist rule therefore being that: All things are equal according to their nature. As a universal value this extends to all human being and human society.
For Anarchistic society, which has individual autonomy, this means that there is no distinction between anyone morally. They each have their own ethic with no distinction, other than that of non-interference.
For Autocratic or Authoritarian society there is a clear distinction between people, as with nature, with classes or castes.
Altruist society therefore provides equality between its people and things, according to individual characteristics and needs. All people and life may be respected equally, where it is able to respect life reciprocally. Where it cannot do this, then it may be respected for its quality of life - a life that at best belongs to Anarchistic society, separate from altruist societies. All people will have a more or less equal need for the basics of life, in food, warmth and shelter and education. As such they are to be respected equally. A man and woman may be respected within the social contract of marriage, for their trust in having children, and forming families. Children are respected as such, and in their need for their own natural parents. All people are respected in being educated and making use of this, as they can, for the benefit of society.

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