Discrimination and Prejudice

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Discrimination and Prejudice

Post by RWStanding » Tue Jan 31, 2017 8:26 am

Discrimination and Prejudice
Discrimination is another of those terms with various meanings, and it were better it was not used at all. Prejudice or irrational prejudice, to be clear, is a more ethically distinct term.
In point of plain fact any moral person and society must and does discriminate. Using the term in its sense of a discriminating person, with good judgement.
To be prejudiced against a white person, a Moslem, and so on ad infinitum is absurd, in so far as these are very approximate names for sections of the global population, and which have no intrinsic merit or vice. That is to say the ethical values that denote types of people, are very mixed within those categories.
However, the term Moslem is, as Christian, a term that denotes a particular religion. And religions are distinct in containing views on ethical values, and do so in more or less clear pragmatic terms. It would be absurd in the extreme for a Moral Society not to discriminate or select in a rational way, between these sets of values and pragmatics. At the extreme, a religion that sacrifices animals or treats them cruelly, and worse a religion that believes in human sacrifice, or self-immolation, and 'terrorism', would inevitably be proscribed by Altruist society. There is no need to pettifog about religions and sects, a person's religion is what he believes, however eccentric and illogical. Altruist society would use a little discretion, and firstly deal with the individuals, and then the particular sect, and only at the last with the entire religion.
In fair essence Altruism can only accept religions that express faith in humanity, and are not themselves bigoted.
As may have been said before, that a person is 'white' or non-pigmented, has no ethical significance. But it must have cultural significance, and a belief in diversity is a value. Millions of years of Natural and Human evolution have provided us with immense diversity, that the Open Society is squandering. The assault on Nature is having disastrous consequences.

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