An Idea for 5 Social-Psychological Daily Gestures

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An Idea for 5 Social-Psychological Daily Gestures

Post by The Voice of Time » Tue Oct 08, 2013 4:42 am

... for the strengthening of social-psychological health, social relations and psychological robustness. I wish to propose these 5 gestures for the sake of putting social psychological health on the agenda and to spread ideas on how to strengthen it and boost emotional ties within society, I propose them as laid-back imperatives that should influence but not dictate to the letter everyday life:

1) The Morning Recall Gesture: every morning at any of the first sights of one another, make a longer lasting physical-emotional gesture to one another followed by a greeting message that verifies and reinforces the desired status of the social relationship so as to recall emotional memory from its slumber, for instance a close-up hug followed by words meant to convey love either of intimate (family) or friendly (friends of strong degree) meaning

2) The Departure Remembering Gesture: every time at the leave of one another to each of each others business, make a medium-lasting physical-emotional gesture followed by a message meant to convey a lasting positive memory of one another for the return to each other, for instance two till three kisses of medium length incl. upper-body hug followed by passionate detailing of positive events that will unfold and that is appetizing for the two involved to look for to such as movie watching, cuddling, good food, games and so forth

3) The Arrival Refreshing Gesture: every time at the arrival of the second of the two people, make a longer lasting physical-emotional gesture followed by a praise of the value of one another to the daily life of each other in turn followed by a relapse of emotional, psychological as well as the formal-exterior events of today, for instance a lazy leaning hug towards one another followed by either starting with first the emotional events of the day in the downs and ups and explosions and cessations, for then to detail the events of the mind including thoughts and ideas and opinionizing and analysing and recognitions, incl. the responses to the exposure of others' ideas or other peoples actions, for lastly to name major events of the day and direct any situational changes that doesn't immediately affect the person itself

4) The Leisure Solidifying Gesture: every time some delayed time after the relaxations and refreshments of the initial time after the arrival, make a longer lasting (alternatively short but repeating) physical-emotional gesture as part of a social activity aimed at taking the mind off the work (incl. school-work, duties or struggles as well as other counter-pleasurable activities) of the day followed by a redirection of thinking onto pleasurable ideas, thoughts and activities, for instance cuddling while watching movies and open for more body language instead of outright talk (to avoid distorting movie-sound) or celebrative hugs and kisses as part of recognizing wins and gains in games or otherwise recognizing progression and advancement in pleasurable activities, also massage/sex with an accompanying focus on good events and good things to look forward to as part of talk before, after or in-between the activity as it suits the situation

5) The Good Ending Gesture: every time within or shortly before the last encounter of the day, make a medium lasting physical-emotional gesture followed by a departure message aimed at making each other remember the good of the day and fortifying the positive belief in the relationship between you two, for instance a good-night hug followed by a good-night kiss with praise of the value of the person and promises of lasting love, or sex followed by humour (to cool down the sexualized situation and tone down the level of intimacy to a less engaging and more relaxed one) followed in turn by promises of lasting love and the good of tomorrow

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