~ Decriminalize ALL drugs ~

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~ Decriminalize ALL drugs ~

Post by Bill Wiltrack » Mon Sep 09, 2013 4:31 pm



Whether you are for or against drugs here is the reason why ALL drugs should be decriminalized ESPECIALLY hard drugs.

For whatever reason, the first thing you do when you start using hard drugs is to lose your job.

Okay. So now, in our present society, let's say a typical addict spends $100,000 on drugs per year per individual.

That $100,000 per individual comes right out of the addict's immediate community.

Most addicts eventually revert to some form of stealing. This is dangerous for everyone involved on top of being destructive and demeaning it brings many unrelated parties to the criminal justice system.

So, the addict doesn't really pay for his drugs, you and I do. The community directly pays for the drugs.

On top of that the addict receives no rehabilitation.


Addicts should receive free drugs, free limited food and housing, freedom from responsibility.

Convert our jails into housing that addicts can come and go as they please as long as they do not commit criminal offenses.

Allow them to run and manage the daily workings of the housing
centers while learning useful skills such as laundry, building maintenance, food service, IT, and drug rehabilitation.

Allow those who wish to OD to do so
in the most peaceful settings.

Promote plugging and and philosophy.

By implementing these types of ideas we are able to make a primarily negative social situation into a neutral social situation.



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