eugenics is the way forward

Abortion, euthanasia, genetic engineering, Just War theory and other such hot topics.

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eugenics is the way forward

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Evolution moves far too slowly
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Re: eugenics is the way forward

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evolution is boring...

revolution is the shit...

OH yeah 8) :twisted:
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Re: eugenics is the way forward

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JasonPalmer wrote:Evolution moves far too slowly
Genes are anarchistic, eugenics is propaganda! :wink:
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Re: eugenics is the way forward

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Look to Matt Quigleys theory of 'idea sex'. Maybe evolution has developed beyond genes. moving fater than ever :shock:
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Re: eugenics is the way forward

Post by Percarus »


I agree with eugenics, but not the racist way you suggest. If everyone was identical, say, a super master highly evolved race, the world would be devoid of character, diversity, and absolutely any cultural zest. We should utilize eugenics as a means to equilibrating the numbers of each race out there within good sensible reason. Have you given it much thought? What if scientists could evolve your body to being two million years ahead of time? You would cease to be human for starters and you would no longer care for your friends and family – you would most likely change in identity in your entirety and the very sacred things you cherish as important and absolutely vital for your existence would most likely cease to exist; become alien-ized.

Who needs eugenics once we have AI? AI we should embrace as it would suffice all our needs – if developed carefully and correctly. Advanced virtual simulations and cybernetic body enhancements may entitle us to switch ‘superiority’ on and off at will, in contrast to eugenics of which any change would be permanent. Sure, there is great revolution in the concept of eugenics, but as written on my published book I argue that even though some genes ‘may’ seem better than others, ultimately it is the mind, spirit, and inherent soul that are traits to be truly admired and cherished – not exactly a product of eugenics for the greater part.

Controlling human breeding for selective production of a superior race is a travesty towards humanity, diversity and zest, and ultimately a higher sentience’s will. These are my quick thoughts...
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Re: eugenics is the way forward

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No human is better than any other, such that no one could rightly make any decisions, necessarily correct, as to what's preferred, by, whose standard?

No man is a god, by any standard, worth considering.
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