Rights and Duties

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Rights and Duties

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Rights and Duties
Has the time come for UN Rights to be modified so as to include resposnsibilities or duties. More significantly, modified to reflect what kind of society they are directed at.
It is obvious that Authoritarian states do not have human rights above the level of survivalism for the servile state in practical terms. If ‘democracies’wish these states to have rights then they must be converted to ‘democracy’ one way or another.
For ‘democracies’ there is the fundamental question of which of two opposing forms of democracy and ‘equality’ are to be supported.
If it is states and societies of virtually autonomous individuals, with self-reliance but very minimal mutual responsibility. Then there will be minimal duties to anything but law and order. Or that is to say maximised rights for individuals to live self sufficiently. Compromised by mere survivalism of the community. This may resolve itself into being a motto of ‘equality of opportunity’ to become unequal in material matters.
If it is states and communities of mutual responsibility and regard, then both duties and rights will be maximised. With duties often expressing the social need better than the reciprocal right, and often qualifying the right. [Freedom of individuals to relocate to another community or state, will be compromised by the duty of local communities and states to maintain populations that are not socially excessive and destructive the duty to maintain nature.] [Rights and duties may well include the community providing housing for its citizens for life, and ensuring the community is not overloaded].
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Re: Rights and Duties

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democracy- the 51% demand that the 49% become slaves- it is their democratic duty after all

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Re: Rights and Duties

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RWStanding wrote: Thu Nov 24, 2022 12:03 pmHas the time come for UN Rights to be modified ...
In order to do what and for whom? The UN has no sovereign authority over anyone. Can you say a bit more about the problem you perceive and are trying to address here, RWS?
Impenitent wrote: Fri Nov 25, 2022 2:30 amdemocracy- the 51% demand that the 49% become slaves- it is their democratic duty after all
This is the nightmare shadow-side of the right-wing's fantasies of control and oppression. It is not how democracy actually works.

The truth is that democracy is the only way to organise free societies precisely because it is the only way to ensure that no group can achieve ascendancy and enslave any other.
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