taxonomy of signalling turns

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taxonomy of signalling turns

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There are three levels of concern with using turn signals

People always need to know if you're going to move into their way.
It is sometimes necessary to know that you're not going to move into their way.
It is sometimes helpful to know that you're getting out of their way.

Best practice for all human activity is an active, mindful choice in all situations.

In traffic, attention is limited. To know whether you're going to get into someone's way is typically obvious but in an urban setting distractions and oversight are much more likely.

In urban situations it's best practice to automate signalling at all times to overcome that deficit.
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Re: taxonomy of signalling turns

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automated signaling is traffic lights...

Steve Winwood's road crew doesn't count

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Re: taxonomy of signalling turns

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The first level of concern is that you might give a cop just cause to detain you and search your vehicle if you don't use a turn signal. He could be the one right behind you. This is why you should check to see if your tail lights are working, because a broken left tail light is sometimes not an accident. Such is life in a police state.
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