reparations are evil

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Re: reparations are evil

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Not all reparations are evil. Consider the massive amount of reparations online companies should be forced to pay.

Here is one such online company's deeds:

When I called my online broker with a complaint, the customer service representative gave me double talk, asked inappropriate questions and played dumb.

In the last 2 days, two of my positions disappeared.

Cash should balance with beginning cash, +/- trades to equal ending cash. Recently it didn’t.

I was denied the ability to sell for bogus reasons.

When I send a written message to get a written response (to prove they are screwing with me), I don’t get a written response.

As a concerned investor I am seeking reparations for myself and everyone else who have lost much of their savings.

Please be advised that discount broker, TD Ameritrade, provides a gateway to investing. If they are bad gatekeepers, they should pay reparations.

A local broker will deal with you face to face but don’t let him/her lure to an online behemoth. (A behemoth is a beast from the biblical Book of Job)

Call me, "Mr. Surly"
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