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My Dad who is a Professor at UCL (praise the LORD) inspires me in this direction. He has books, I have books, he philosophizes for a living, I philosophize to make my living!! hence self assigned appellation.
professional philosophers might disagree.!
mark black
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I scream into the proabalistic future ether 'I am Man' - and let it echo through eternity. And you lie there fucked and weeping that eternity doesn't care about you. Dry your eyes my dirty angel - you're crying for two.

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Re: Bitch"God"

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bus2bondi wrote:this is dedicated to "god, the bitchgod, that's why it's called..."Bitch "God""

the last jokes on me
fate met me in my
sandbed deathbed

fill my eyes with sand
with empty ether
because you never answered my question
and you never will

what's your point
your not great at all

crazy method minster
you have no justice
you have no peace
ruler of screams

what's your point
what's your point
what the
your point

why don't you have one?
if you do
would you share it with us?

everpresent shhhhhh
whisper quiet now

Joan Osbourne

If God Was One of Us Lyrics

If God had a name, what would it be
And would you call it to his face
If you were faced with him in all his glory
What would you ask if you had just one question?

Anyway, b2b, I know very little about poetry etc and to be honest, poetry is not my favourite way of expression. However, I adore your lyrics. I really do. They seem to upset and comfort me at the same time...

Am I losing it? (rhetorical question, please don't answer :-) )
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I am glad :-) (for the fact that I remnd you of a friend of yours)
Please tell me what do I have in common with your ex- best friend, I would really love to know!

Ps. Once again, I ADORE your lyrics- don't be so modest, you know I am not joking!

I just read your last poem. I have never felt like this before, your lyrics have enormous power over me. I 'm spellbound... ufff. This has to stop, I won't read your lyrics again :lol:

I am keeping an archive of your lyrics, do you mind???
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bus2bondi wrote:ooooh yes you are joking, my lyrics are just piss in the wind

now your doing it again, saying something about me, which knowing it is actually you all the while
I love your lyrics, I HATE your pessimism,bondi.

Perhaps you could post a link for a Roberto's song?

Ricordati, nessuno puó salvarti. Non credo che Roberto ti abbia salvato. Infatti, sono sicura che nessuno puó salvare nessuno. Solo possiamo aiutare e sopportare.

Semplicemente, cerchi di "appoggiare" la tua felicitá sugli altri...Peró questa é l'opinione di una semplice psicologa.

Buongiorno :-)
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Fat with a shit hat

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Psychonaut wrote:Ummm

I was responding to a post by arising...
that has vanished...

The pixies stole it!
Kiked up, saw out, sought out
light and dark the occasional spark
keeping a light
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Psychonaut wrote:There has been some talk about revenge lately, some in the thread that was originally about education but that has become about the prison system..

So, here is a poem that exults in the notion of revenge


The life of me in my veins
falls in gobs as of rain,
a yawning maw does protest
for a deranged mind that infests,
eyes wide open with bestial malice
searching but never finding the soul's chalice;
a foe, anyone or anything to kill
in revenge for my blood spilt
Too bloody
To be deranged is not necessarily to be without hope :)
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Psychonaut wrote:Can we keep this thread for dumping of poetry, and perhaps commenting on a particular poem's qualities, rather than discussing issues of poetry?
I saw a spark, a kite, a wisp of sight, and alight
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pretty good

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Psychonaut wrote:Since you asked so nicely :)

The Bloodsucker Proxy

I'm battered and busted
dented and dinted
I'm flattened and flustered
I'm stunted and stinted

Well and I don't begrudge
mosquitoes their blood
they'll do more with it
than I ever could

I'm foolish and stupid
I've been misled
thought I was living
when I was long dead

I'm bowed under weight
but I'm never broken
You see it's my fate
already spoken
And bitten and basted
Written and feted
The final line still waits for a full stop
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Psychonaut wrote:[Please note, that the following use of the word 'psychonaut' is not being used to denote myself via my nom de guerre, and is instead a more general use of this term]

The Hedonistic Psychonaut

His teeth fall out
of his shit-eating grin
as he gobbles down
yet more sin

His twisting eyes
see places inside
that only exist
for him

He's more dead than alive
a psychedelic corpse
that will very shortly
And fin shall play as fin must surely play, or is that life in the shadow of fin? :)
To play and shout and scream the light
To dance about and occasionally connect
To perchance find one quiet moment?
Infinite and not long lasting
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amateurphilosophynerd wrote:I lie here in my bed,
my laptop angled to my gaze.
resigned n,ot to pass the night
in a sea of sleepy therapy for the day
watching night
turn into wakey day
another night up
oh woe is me
perturbed with dreaded philosophy
i come here like a man obsessed
who tries to be his intellectual best
and social
but fails at the hurdles he's created
raging fevers are abated.
the storm on here I hope will past
and peace reign in the good ship last
Kiked in the hed, not feted
Never sated
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Captain Ahab wrote:Bravo!!! Bus Girl

Fire and Grace

Limbs moan to the winds soft touch,
Leaves whisper as lovers must.

Primal forest young in time,
Evoke passions long denied.

Moon rising, joins the dance,
Stars of worship, a druid’s lust.

Fire burns for the night,
Embers spark, her delight.

Here she lay amongst the fur,
No chains to bind her naked form.

Sparkling jewels upon her skin,
Glistening to the fire’s grin.

Ancient wood consumed in hearth,
Recite a story in smoke and spark.

Smitten by the burning wood,
Of stories old rare and good.

Warm and safe the fires embrace,
Scented cedar, pine, floral laced.

Flames laugh as tendrils rise,
She smiles, behold the flames prize.

Shadow cast upon the wall,
Familiar, but not at all.

Gentle does the shadow fall,
Hurting none, touching all.

Like a moth to her flame,
So the shadow does the same.

Embraced now in dappled light,
Surrender fear to the night.

Single tear sparkling to the floor,
She surrenders to hope and to love once more.
Pagan guttural shadow
Paint of light red and thick
Come in tones of before
Not necessarily gore? :)
And make of stone a bridge
And moonlight the stage of Gods

Amongst us dancers all the line between is lost
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I Apologise (Rude Britain)

I am sorry if I cause offence
in the course of giving my tuppence
I am sorry if I make you cry,
if my words are bad and I should die
But, if I steered a different tack
you'd shut up, but I'd find no peace
from some other mouth complaints release
as always there will be some mong
he of wagging finger and wagging tongue
and there is simply no escape
regardless of my words forms & shapes
& even if I still my lips
I take offence at other's silence
it makes me want to do them violence
and I can but assume
that out there there's some other ass
complaining at silence from the crass
So, you pathetic nagging bastards
do not yourselves flatter
as you censor eminent grey matter
as it wades through this effluent world
snagging on the rocks
of complaints from petty cocks
So, remember
next time you ask not to be offended
that you offend me,
and there's nought I'd rather see
than you're bloody head mended
So, yes, I apologise
if my words give you rise
to myself I must be true
And I can but conclude
if I hear an infant stamping
YOU'RE the one who's rude
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there is an end state to enlightenment whereby we transcend all limitations
its a fast rate of development that ends expectations
we rise above and fall below and find
its a smoke and mirror show
then rises up out from our selves our self itself and golden health so fragile it can easy break making our foundations shake
and in this ruby dancing light we meet our demons and we fight and then we fall strings cut on a puppet until we hear a distant call and rise up as a human
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koyaanisqatsi wrote:Here are some haiku I did years ago which I found on a bad haiku website where I posted them.

I like haiku because done well they can be exquisite but done for fun/silliness/diversion they can be very entertaining and still expressive. Even when crap! 8) Especially when crap.

Winston Smith-a-like
you can call me Josef K.
I shall die human

going insolvent
no thanks to the government
never own my mind

(From my 'Paranoid' period)

real consequences,
real people's lives, real problems;
self-satisfying shit

why so sinister?
a real fly in the ointment,
your heart is black ice

(My 'Very Angry/Paranoid period')

It's hard to juggle
too many balls in the air
but worse when one pops

My brain is frazzled,
Relax - only the edges;
where the pain is felt

tough to swim upstream!
so I got out to walk there;
Muddy Mudskipper

Isolation tank
Floating like a senseless turd;
where do I sign up?

The constipated
composer couldnt finish
his final movement

Dull shoulder ache
muscular tension grips me
oh no - knot again!

entertainment is feeding
Christians lions

Some naked old man
Lingers in the changing room
but he never swims

Body fascism
must never be permitted!
Ok fatty - sure

Taxi driver guy
4am - why beep your horn?
please crash your shit car

A new 'Superman'?
Christopher Reeve was kosher
alas, his wheelchair rusts

(I said they went back some time)

fragrant flower you
your perfume is my succour
this world smells like shit

the postman is gay
Homosexual package
(the male must get through) (??? Drunk??)

Great Michael Moore
model 'Man of the People'
- fat with a shit hat

Poor Albert Camus
Genius wiped out driving

Garlic and ginger
Makes your salmon taste divine
and your fingers smell

Hey Che Guevara,
Marxist guerrilla hero!
Now you sell T-shirts

Rain sounds like hot piss
as it splashes my window
please! no more! the pane!

Ruthless lying shit
You are a lettings agent
How do you find sleep?

Play the game of life?
Some say the dice are loaded;
my dice say 'Boggle'

Delicious flatus,
first fart of this bright new day;
hint of tomatoes

Like I said - it's a bad haiku site but still fun to capture a moment in a 5-7-5 meter.
I like it

Heres a dionysian attempt at another :)

I saw a hint of a crack today
No arse this
The perturbation of an interrupted flight
The kik in a mtaphysical kik of pants
One short sharp response
killing thread

Leaving, leavings---a forensic whole

The scene of the crime is epic/ ancient/ unresolved
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