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What is art? What is beauty?

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Re: Poetry here.

Post by Eodnhoj7 » Fri Oct 04, 2019 7:06 pm

"The God Killers"

Student sharpening sword for a cause:
"Prudent" master giving empty word without pause.

"Empty the mind to receive wisdom" says authority,
"Trust in what I say", "Listen, don't be arrogant".

Scholars looking around at the forms of their fathers,
Holars of vice abound like worms that perpetually bother.

"We know what is right, we know what is true" repeat the elders, mantra within mantra a mesmerizing effect.

"Tell me the truth" a stoic acolyte states, holding a club.
Fell the master to his knees, he timidly berates, folding as a lub:

"To rid all truthlessness...just believe me" he pleaded,
And with a ruthlessness the club swung free, a master bleeded.

"I do believe you" the young man states, "I can see your wisdom drip like your cold sweat and disappear...see what I learned."

Brain bashed out, the "wise" ones fingered twitching,
Plain gore hashed out, an uprise done, no more lingered bitching.

No more poetry, no more prose, no more "no moreness"
Under the elders empty story's fall.

Watch the stories you tell for they become your gods
Notch the worries you sell less you succumb to rods.

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Re: Poetry here.

Post by attofishpi » Sat Oct 05, 2019 3:05 pm

The Last Judgement of Entropy

Gaze upon,
this listless,
whose ripples,
form a sin wave.
Owe Son!
Where to which,
to wave and gaze,
about to confirm,
life's grandest,
As I am Peter,
and here upon,
you are judged,
from whence it,
No place for blame,
no time to B_lame.
a lesser place,
not for you,
and your,
You weathered,
the storm,
but whether or not,
your maker's mark,
and all your tales,
of life and throng,
too much to tell?
Yet Peter shall,
heal and,
he'll put upon,
you a bone,
a memory that,
never fails.
Your tell tale sign,
of which,
To grow a tail,
for your,
life's wrong.
No longer wo/man,
so suck off,
you, ewe and yew!
Eat from the tree,
after sin,
and lose,
your soul,
to anothers kin.
Once could,
have been in,
our Lord's kin,
but now you're,
just another,
beast below.
Yes you'll bellow,
on judgement of,
being energy,
to entropy.
Too late for sorry...
Bark up the Tree of Know_Ledge,


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Re: Poetry here.

Post by attofishpi » Sun Oct 27, 2019 6:41 am


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0C0E0K ... rt_radio=1

She didn't wanna be, she didn't wanna know
She couldn't run away cause she was crazy
She gave it all away, she saw her baby break
And in the air it hung that she was dull razors
And I said, I wanna fill you up, I wanna break you, I wanna give you up
From one another, another one should come to one another
No one should come between us
Still I was lonely, and she was by my side, my one and only
Knows that she could never hide
I couldn't feel her, and it was just a game, cause I was lonely and she was crazy
Rat-tat-tat, ka boo boom, now take that, and just a bit of this
Cause I'm a watcher, and I'm a doer of none
Come to save you, 'cause you're all mine
I hurt where I can't feel, I feel where I can't hurt
I know where I can't know, I bleed for me and mine
Ka-boom, a rat-tat-tat, and some good ole bliss
Cause I'm a sister, and I'm a motherfuck
I am made of shamrocks, I am made of stern stuff
I am never enough, I am the forgotten child
And I said I wanna fill you up, I wanna break you, I wanna give you up
From one another, no one should ever come
In between us, between us and our love
Mary had a little lamb, her face was white as snow
And everywhere that Mary went I was sure to go
Now Mary's got a problem, and Mary's not a stupid girl
Mary's got some deep shit, and Mary does not forget
And this is how Mary's garden grows, and this is how Mary has her ghosts
And into the eyes of the Jackyl I say ka-boom
Now we begin descent, to where we've never been
There is no going back, this wasn't meant to last
This is a hell on earth, we are meant to serve
And she will never learn
Bye bye, baby goodbye

..there is no covenant.

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