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Re: Poignant Verse

Post by Greta » Thu Dec 29, 2016 11:56 pm

vegetariantaxidermy wrote:The worst I've seen, that still haunts me, is the lion cub whose back legs had been ruined by an encounter with a hyena, I think. He couldn't walk, and kept crying for his mother after she had to walk away. I think wildlife filmmakers must be the hardest people around. They always say 'we can't interfere'. Oh right. Like humans NEVER interfere. They are 'interfering' just by filming it, chasing around in jeeps after animals, with cameras on tripods, hoping for just such occurrences.
Exactly *sniff*

I suspect that often they don't have the staff or resources to save all the animals in need. Still, there will come a time when we will have to intervene more to save species that are forced together into what is basically a hellish hothouse of shrunken territories. Kind of like us :lol:
Harbal wrote:
Greta wrote:The poor innocent, trusting oysters etc.
They were so happy and excited, Greta. Just imagine how hard their little legs must have been working just to keep up. And for what? Just so a fat walrus and a sour faced carpenter could have a beach snack, the bastards.
The betrayal of trusting innocence. While numerous animals use deception, primates - from monkeys, chimps and bonobos to humans - have taken deception to a fine and brutal art.

Not sure about the walrus - it seems to be a caricature of politicians crying crocodile (walrus?) tears while doing what they want.

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