Whatabout the Aesthetic of the Mind's Echoes?

What is art? What is beauty?

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Whatabout the Aesthetic of the Mind's Echoes?

Post by The Voice of Time » Mon Sep 30, 2013 2:15 am

How does the aesthetics of echoes of the mind from experiences influence our daily lives? For instance, the tune you can't get out of your head, is usually of highly good aesthetic value, but how much does it influence your daily life besides merely the moments of experienced echo itself (the imaginative tune inside your head)?

And how would a bad tune affect you negatively, like a nightmarish memory of regret that echoes in a never-ending recurrence upon the imagery of your consciousness?

I often experience playing full songs through my head that I've been listening to a lot, like The Fox song from Ylvis that I presented in a Lounge thread recently, but also I'm haunted by nightmarish echoes of things that I regret that come as irrational regrets as the proportion to which they matter is not apparently significant... in what way may these things be influencing my daily life?

Is a song from my small country that is rapidly sky-rocketing to fame bringing me joys of pride and the self-esteem of nationalism? Is my nightmarish echoes slowly but surely eroding the balance of my mind so that I'm bound to seeking refuge for my mind in games, movies and the distant and the far? Because so do I feel that echoes do a lot more to my daily life than I could expect and the mere immediate experiences and associations are weaker in their force than I could presume. Their effects seems only to sooth the immediate, and be not as effective in deciding the quality of my day.

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