CulturalPhilistine - Adam Lanza

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CulturalPhilistine - Adam Lanza

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When you read the subject title, I know what you might be thinking: "What the hell, why is this person talking about a school shooter in a philosophy forum, someone ban this person immediently!" and you have a point, why am I talking about Lanza on this forum?

Lanza ran a youtube channel called "CulturalPhilistine" in which the videos were rants about certain topics such as philosophy, pedophilia, and culture. A certain video uploaded called "Antinatalism at light speed!" was brought to my attention. He doesnt talk about Antinatalism but he instead talks about existential nihilism. The transcript for the video is:
- "Goodness is the fulfilment of value; value exists only in life. If there is no life, there is no value. And thus, goodness becomes an entirely irrelevant concept."

If you do not give yourself a reality to be apart of, then there is no value to it. Nihilism is the position of absolute nothingness, everything around an individual is pointless; every emotion, action, belief, is all a waste. But then you realize that when you talk about nihilism and promoting it, you are putting value into nihilism, you are believing in the nothingness that is nihilism.

So maybe the question is: Can nihilism be considered "something"? Can an individual that is in favor of nihilism, feel value?

The answer? I dont know.
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Re: CulturalPhilistine - Adam Lanza

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nihilism is one of those abstract philosophical concepts that can't be applied to anything becuz we are constantly valuing something, somehow, somewhere. that's to say we can't do nihilism, we can only talk about it abstractly. really becuz u are unable to experience Meaninglessness with a capital M cuz there are little meanings everyfuckinwhere and we can't get away from em for even an instant.
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